Hello again and welcome to our humble little blog discussing the not-so-humble or little topic of the Illuminati. You’re probably curious as to why there’s yet another blog commenting on the arguably most famous conspiracy that has ever existed and we’re more than willing to answer this question.

Read this About Us section to find out why we created the blog and what you can find on it. We also thought it would be appropriate to learn some more information about us and how we became interested in the topic of the Illuminati.

Who Are We

So, who are we exactly? Naturally, we are the successors of the Bavarian Illuminati, and our goal is to have your mortal soul and thus achieve world domination. You might see this as a joke, but trust us, many people don’t, from what we’ve seen online.

To start over, we are a bunch of friends sharing a house and looking for ways to entertain ourselves when boredom hits us. This has led us to the four corners of the Internet, namely Facebook, YouTube, 4chan, and Reddit, where we’ve arguably seen almost anything you can imagine.

It’s hard to say when each of us first heard of the Illuminati; it seems like they were always the omniscient presence lurking in the shadows. We all remember the “Illuminati confirmed” meme that poked fun at conspiracy theorists and we all remember how we once believed in these theories as children.

Our research has shown that these theories are as old as the historical order of the Bavarian Illuminati, but we think there was a particular boom between 2015 and 2016 ahead of the American presidential elections. Talks of Hilary Clinton being a reptile were funny to us until we found out that some posters weren’t joking.

We all used to follow the famous YouTuber Shane Dawson when we were younger, because we liked his over-the-top sketches, but we all thought that he wasn’t relevant anymore until we saw him posting video after video that explored various conspiracy theories that were hitting million views overnight.

We immediately tuned in and enjoyed the rich selection of theories and Dawson’s iconic over-the-top delivery. It’d be an understatement to say we’ve watched his videos “a couple of times”; we followed him religiously. To him we owe our renewed interest in the Illuminati, which was nothing more than a meme for us before.

Why We Created This Blog

Just to be clear, we don’t believe the Illuminati still exists or that there is a secret cabal comprised of powerful people that seek to dominate the world. We do, however, still find joy in watching Illuminati-related videos and we can’t wait for the next Illuminati conspiracy theory to drop.

Our viewing and reading habits though are not limited to random videos and memes. Instead, this entertaining material influenced us to read academic works on the Illuminati and historical records of the original Bavarian Illuminati. Our research has both proven and disproven many common myths regarding the enigmatic order.

Thus, we thought we could share our work with you, so you can have the upper hand when you argue with someone on the topic. What we aim to do is to give you is the historical perspective on the order, both of its proponents and opponents, and let you decide what your opinion on the secret society is.

We were also interested in exploring the interest in the Illuminati itself by going back in time to the first conspiracy theories about them to present day. You might be surprised to learn how the cult of the Illuminati emerged and how many different shapes it has taken over the years.

At the end of the day, we also want to have some good old-fashioned fun by discussing our favorite Illuminati conspiracy theories with you. All in all, we hope this blog serves you as introduction the Illuminati 101 and that you both learn from it and have fun while reading our articles.

Thank you for supporting this blog by visiting it and taking your time to read our work. We hope we manage to meet and perhaps even exceed your expectations. Have fun exploring the Illuminati with us!