America’s Illuminati Occult Conspiracy

A Brave New World Order: America's Illuminati Occult Conspiracy
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Throughout the centuries there has existed an occult conspiracy for a New World Order, which is the plan to enact a one world government under a fascist dictatorship and police state. This agenda for global domination is to be carried out using fear based propaganda and mind control psychology through the news media, entertainment, and pop-culture.

This New World Order is said to be the goal of the Illuminati, a secret society shrouded in mystery, magic, mysticism and myth. Rumor has it that, the Illuminati actually consists of several secret societies and fraternal orders compartmentalized into a pyramidal hierarchy of need-to-know and initiation.

These secret societies communicate through ancient occult symbols and rituals. Such esoteric symbolism can be seen everyday, hidden in plain sight within America’s architecture, corporate logos, and even money. The most infamous of such symbols is the “all-seeing eye” found on the pyramid depicted on the back of the one dollar bill. You will also find that underneath the pyramid is the Latin inscription “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, which has can be roughly translated to read “New World Order”.

The term “New World Order” is documented to be first used in a 1926 edition of the Saturday Evening Post by Edward M. House in relation to the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization said to be related to the New World Order conspiracy. George Bush Sr. has also used the phrase in his speech “Toward a New World Order” on September 11th 1990, a date synchronistic to the tragic events eleven years later. Such a “coincidence” has prompted even more controversy amongst New World Order conspiracy theories.

Many presidents of The United States of America were indeed members of the same fraternal order known as the brotherhood Freemasonry. Today, Freemasonry labels itself not as a secret society but rather a “society with secrets”. It is true that members of Freemasonry among other fraternal orders and secret societies communicate using such arcane codex which they have sworn upon oaths never to reveal.

The Bohemian Grove Club is an organization which includes some of the most powerful men in the world. The Bohemian Club meets each year in private campgrounds located in Sonoma County California. Bohemian Club’s elite members include Presidents Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon, George Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. as well as many media and entertainment industry executives. The culmination of this event ends with a ceremony in which a human effigy is ritualistically burned at an altar beside a forty-foot concrete statue of an owl. The owl itself is said to be connected to wisdom and the occult symbolism of the Illuminati. A depiction of an owl figure can be seen within the architecture of the streets surrounding the United States Capital in Washington D.C.

Another group connected to the New World Order is the Skull and Bones fraternal brotherhood out of Yale which members include once presidential contenders George W. Bush and John Kerry, whom are both cousins related by blood.

It is said that America is actually a corporation created by the European banking system and that America is run by the bloodlines of European royalty. Ancestral research shows that many of the presidents of the United States of America are in fact ancestrally related to European royalty and the British Royal family through descendants of Strongbow.

Symbolism and secrecy all seem to be key parts in the fascination for New World Order conspiracy theory. America’s fascination for conspiracy has increased in the past few years since the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The range of these conspiracy theories run far and deep, yet many stem from the same lose ends and unanswered questions.

What can be scarier than these conspiracy theories is the reality that can be lost within some of the delusions regarding the Illuminati, the New World Order, secrecy and secret societies. New World Order and Illuminati conspiracy has become another niche in the entertainment industry world to escape within while the real tragedies occur across our communities and the globe. This could also be considered a New World Order conspiracy itself.


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