blue oyster cult why are they underrated?

psychic cult

why i mean they have good songs like veteran of the psychic wars,astronomy,flaming telepaths, and they only play burning for you,don't fear the reaper or godzilla none of their other songs. why are they not in the rock and roll hall of fame when madonna is


  1. Janet

    I was just surfing the Blue Oyster Cult Band and found this
    site and that is a very good question – why aren’t they in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Very deep band with loads of great songs. Have been a fan for many years. Just shaking my head and wondering why not after all these years. Still one of my fav bands.

  2. YourRight

    Because the world is shit with the new music of today.
    People forget what good music is!

    It’s a shame.

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