1. Stumyza

    YEE!!! KanyeeZy!!! Go hard nigga…. steeZy says ‘Halla nigga’ From Tumelo Stumyza

  2. Nisha

    Am so dissapointed to hear bout Kanye,was one of his biggest fans, well he is old enough to know right from wrong. You wanne play with fire,you gotta stand up to da heat, although he still is in my prayers. Jesus-the author and finishes,love Him

  3. samone

    omg i am well scared all i cane hir i that eeehhhhh eeehhh oooooohhhhhh well scary how can u worship a devil omg hahah xxxxxx omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thisisbullshit

    all of you are stupid…if anyone one of you did any research the illuminati are just anti-religion…just cause someone doesn’t believe in organized religion doesn’t mean they are devil worshippers

  5. Bri

    in his song power in the background you can HEAR very clearly that he is saying hail satan or worship satan…look it up on youtube……….really!!!

  6. bettyboop

    Wow…major disappointment. His my favourite artist of all time. I guess I’ll have to find a new favourite now…Why would you want to sell your soul to the “evil one” anyways? I mean God can give you what the “evil one” can and a hundred times more. This is such a MAJOR disppointment!!!!!

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