Dr Alexander Cannon, psychic medic with links to King Edward VIIIWho invented the psychostephokyrtographmanometer ?

Dr.Alexander Cannon numbered the qualifications  MD. Phd. MA.  K.C.A. Dpm. Chb. F.R.G.S. and F.R.S.A  among his achievements,
he became Vice President of Hong Hong Medical Society, Medical Chief of prisons, head of Medical dept.Morbid anatomy at Hong Kong Uni, and Chief psychiatrist
and medical jurist to the High Court of Justice, he also served as British Consul and port medical officer in Canton, he lectured to the royal Society on psychiatry and was a Board member on the British Medical Council and an executive council member, and was on permanent call from the Home Office.
He travelled to Tibet india and China to study mysticism, and on his triumphant return to England in the early thirties served as psychiatrist and research scientist at Colney Hatch Hospital, and among other things tried unsuccessfully to treat king George VI for tobacco addiction with herbs and hypnotism, he stated back then that; "disease can be detected by its smell, every disease has its own odour"      and this has recently been confirmed, and dogs are being trained to sniff out cancers in particular before they show.
He also said; "That Armageddon would start in  1937"    just two years out, and in fact in late 1936 when churchill took the bankers bribe to call a war on Germany
it was a close run thing that his date would be correct.
He also developed a device like a Wimshurst machine for thought reading, a sort of early lie detector which he called a  "Psychostephokyrtographmanometer"
Because of his amazing array of skills, both medical psychiatric and mystical,  he was asked to join Winston Churchill's Black team' of occultists fighting W W II
Psuedo astrologer louis De-Wohl claimed after the war he had been in charge, and he had a luxury private suite at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane, his visitors were said to be mainly Rockefeller HQ agents based in Manhattan negotiating with the I.R.D ( Information. Research Dept. )a propaganda body who ran the Black Team but it looks like it was Archbishop Cosmo Lang, the Church of Englands occult expert  who was the boss, not much paperwork survives on this episode except some of Cannon Glendinings hand written notes, Dennis Wheatley has written some of this in his books as has Dion Fortune ( the medium Violet Firth) the major occultist Rev. Montague Summers claimed at his time at Trinity College he had made many friends and  warned continually of homosexual debauchery and communist subversion, this was the Lord Rothschild debating group "The Apostles"
 It has also been alleged by Dennis Bardons of Panorama fame in his research for a never aired programme that Aleister Crowley was close to Churchill, both men were 33rd degree masons and were seen more than once in the same group at Beachey Head before W W II
The Metropolitan Police chief Sir Kenneth Newman recounted how his predecessor in the job told of a Morris car being driven erratically by Hampstead Heath
the police stopped the vehicle and a man smelling of alcohol and a young lad were taken to the station and put in seperate cells, the lad had a pound note in his pocket which he said the man gave him to buy sweets, a pound was a lot of money back then the man claimed he was Guy Burgess and refused to answer any questions and kept repeating he was a senior government official and was on his way to see an official in Hampstead, the policeman went on that Guy Burgess was dirty unkempt and unshaven and so was strip searched, he had  apparently been wiping his bottom on his shirt tail, and when allowed one phone call, within the hour a Home Office official arived with Sir Anthony Blunt who took the pair and relevant paperwork from the police doctor away with them, by all accounts Guy Burgess was taken to be treated by Dr Cannon, Cannon was told to cure his alcoholism and Homosexuality to prepare him to marry Churchill's daughter Clarrisa, this crazy plan was maybe to deny his homosexual past and insure he would never be investigated.
 The policeman went on to say that the piars destination was rumoured to be Sir Simon Marks the S I S chief and boss of Marks and Spencer Hampstead and in W W II was the best place for a beat bobby in the whole of the capital, as being an upmarket Jewish area, it was all closed up as the wealthy Jews all went to America for the wars duration, the pairs destination was rumoured to be Sir Simon Marks the S I S chief and boss of marks and Soencer.
Some years later an address in Bedford Row was burgled in what police described as a ; "very professional job" the external alarm was avoided, and the inner door which was also alarmed, had the bottom door panel cut out preventing the inner alarm from ringing and the only files taken were the massive Guy Burgess file and the Verik Tolle  ( Otto John ) files.
Dr. Alexander Cannon  was King Edward VIII personal practitioner, not as a recent film said Lionel Logue who was only his speech therapist, so why was Dr.Alexander Cannon  airbrushed from history and put under virtual house arrest at Ballamore Castle in the Isle of man for the wars duration and forbidden to speak in public or practise again ?
Lord Moran Churchills doctor claimed Dr. Alexander Cannon was treating king Edward VIII for alcoholism, but this was in fact said by insiders to be untrue,
the real reason appears to be Churchill wanted Dr.Cannon to use his influence to stop Edward VIII the queen mother and the royals from talking to Adolf Hitler,
mainly through people like Sir Anthony blunt.
The stated reason for the abdication of the immensly popular Edward VIII, was Wallace Simpson, but Edward had had a string of affairs with married women and Churchill didn't give a damn,  the real reason was Edward VIII s constant attempts at peacemaking, which Churchill did not want as he was determined for war, the mysterious death of the kings brother the Duke of Kent in an air crash was strangely by the same method taught by MI5 in sabotage training, the Duke was having meetings with senior Germans for peace, remember the Russians murdered their royal family in 1917, and the British royal family was terrified it would happen to them as the pundits all said after the depression of the thirties would lead to  what Home Office minister Herbert Morrsion said; "Bolshevism is coming all across europe"
Churchill wanted to use mind control techniques allegedly used under Cannons tutorship at Colney Hatch Hospital, Colney Hatch was the largest asylum in Europe, and the war dept. used the inmates for experiments after W W 1, Cannon refused and threatened to whistleblow on the workings of the Black team, overnight he was sent to the Isle of Man and forbidden to contact Edward or any other bigwigs,  the Rothschild propaganda apparatus began their whispers, false stories appeared in the press, a radio broadcast said he had gone mad, and at his home he was phoned several times by 'impressarios' tricking him to put on conjuring shows to show he was a quack, and the illustrious Dr. Cannon became branded  the 'Yorshire Yogi' a laughing stock overnight.
The last person the Royals wanted was Sir Anthony Blunt in charge of their pictures after he had supported the Soviet terrors,
 but the appoinment was duly made with Rothschild insistance.
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