Were Pyramids Built By Aliens?

Did aliens build the pyramids? This video discusses the mystery and controversy regarding the builders of pyramids found in Cairo, Giza, and around the world as well as the similarities found in the geometric pyramidal structures found on Mars in an area called Cydonia. Cydonia is most famous for the face on Mars image controversy. Featuring Zecharia Sitchin, Richard C. Hoagland, Anthony J. Hilder, Greg Nielsen, Dr. Ron Charles, Todd Alexander, Margaret Morris, David Teuling, and others.

UFO - Pyramids - Human Or Alien Made (Part #1 of 3)

UFO - Pyramids - Human Or Alien Made (Part #2 of 3)

UFO - Pyramids - Human Or Alien Made (Part # 3 of 3)


  1. mgw

    this documentary only give half facts no whole truth and no evidence of aliens having aything 2 do with it….

  2. mark

    Im not an Alien conspiracy freak, simply because i use common sense. Do people who deny aliens actually think out of the Hundreds of Billions of galaxies in hundreds of millions of universes ect…. Earth is the only one with life on it? how were folks who use sticks and stones able to construct such infanately complex things when with our technology we cannot come close? oh, but they used stars …erm, shut up! and wake up! like the Mayans, they most likely were visited by something we dont have an understanding of.

  3. Morcco

    Так есть тут хоть один,кто знает правду? )))

  4. James Bouwan

    Let’s not rush to the alien theory, but perhaps we collect most data that we later can draw some proofs that people at such time were not provide the tech to build the pyramid. In the other words, there some techs applied to help them. Whether it comes from where or who is indeed to be our consideration then.

  5. George

    How come there were pictures of an Apache helicopter engraved in the pyramids more than 2000 years before they were invented and that perhaps another being either another kind of creature even human like is controlling the earth but the government don’t want us to know but every now and then the occasional thing slips out like Roswell or area 51 that is still a secret but they don’t want us to know this technology.

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