The Dogon Tribe and Sirius A, B and C pt.1/2

Reading into the following from the original post from Youtube might give everyone something to think about. Either these "clues"are important  into our larger esoteric thinking about the nature of the ancient fish/ alien possibility or everyone is nuts. Maybe the second option. It is an interesting commentary. A side note:  The Dogon tribe believe that they are the descendants of the sailors of the Greek ship Argos, of jason and the Argonauts. Want to know more? read the Sirius Mystery.

The Dogon is the brotherhood in charged of our Star maps and charting. They are able to recall thousands to millions of years of history by will and by memory. No, these book writers and researchers have not been told the whole story or can properly decode it, are they your ancestors? Have they been initiated? Are they worthy, pure in heart (really mean in mind and being) to know? The Dogon story is symbolic, allegory, esoteric, exoteric, astrology, astronomy, personification, religious characters, atoms, cells, ect. rolled up into one. Here is a key, the waters represent the waves of frequency, consciousness, stimulation, vibration all I n one and can be broken up and observed, studied on separate levels, degrees, condition, context and perspectives. Dogon goes into Dog On. Dog is for Sirius, it is known as the Dog star. On goes into meaning light. Decode the rest. 


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