Radha Burnier of the Theosophic Society

Interview with Radha Burnier on Theosophy in Naarden Netherlands in 1998
adha Burnier (born 15 November 1923 in Adyar, India). Its is thePresident, International Theosophical Society. Daughter of N. Sri Ram, 5th President of the International Theosophical Society. Master of Arts in Sanskrit, Benares Hindu University. Honorary Doctorate, Nagarjuna University. Classical Indian dancer. Director, Adyar Library and Research Center, 1954-1980. Played a major dramatic and dance role in the Renoir film The River, (a dance performance, of Radha Burnier in this movie, is in a video below). General Secretary, Indian Section, International Theosophical Society, 1960-1978. President, International Theosophical Society, 1980-Current. Editor, The Theosophist. Lecturer. Chairman, Olcott Education Society. President, Besant Education Fellowship.She was friend and close student of Jiddu Krishnamurti


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