by Barry Chamish

I am a proud Conservative Jew who has stood up for the Orthodox for fifteen years, mostly because their Jewish oppressors, or the leaders of Israel, were much, much worse and they were far more moral than their enemies were. But how can I defend the Orthodox any more when they have become intellectually irrational, no, just plain wacky?
Look what happened in Jerusalem last week. Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben Gvir, led a march of a couple of dozen followers in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Three hundred policeman accompanied them, and when riots broke out, seven were hospitalized along with a few Arab protesters. Here is the Marzel/Ben Gvir reaction:

"Nationalist activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir proclaimed at the end of their hour-long march in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem Sunday, “We have made it clear today who has sovereignty over Jerusalem.”

Three hundred Jews lived in Silwan in an area named after convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. Their contention was that if Arabs can live in Jewish neighborhoods in Israel, then it's only fair that Jews can live in Arab neighborhoods. A logical and right argument. They vigorously opposed the march, and how right they were. Here is the result the next day:

12:12 Tensions high as Jerusalem municipality inspectors measure Beit Yehonathan in Silwan for eviction (Guysen.International.News)
Jerusalem municipal inspectors accompanied by security forces are taking measurements in Beit Yehonatan in east Jerusalem's Silwan neighborhood. The building's residents were told the inspectors were setting the ground for eviction and enclosure orders.

Once again the Orthodox were bitten in the neck by Marzel/Ben Gvir. After fifteen years of these cretins defending government crimes, of appearing to be on their side, but of clearly pushing anti-Orthodox agendas, you'd think the Orthodox would understand these "radical" leaders were given to them by the government. They have shown their ugly faces by creating committees to liberate the likes of Yigal Amir and Baruch Goldstein as justified murderers, when their crimes were created by the government and they were deliberately part of the coverup.
The ugliest example of the use Mazel/Ben Gvir was in the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif. Ben Gvir showed up at the headquarters of the demonstrators, was arrested, while his gang hung a poster reading, Muhammed Is A Pig. Inevitably the nearby Arabs rioted and the police moved in to arrest and remove the legitimate Jewish protesters.
Which is precisely what happened in Silwan last week.
Ben Gvir was not the only agent at work against the Orthodox of Gush Katif/Gaza. There were the leaders of the Yesha Council, Pinchas Wallerstein and Benzi Lieberman. Of Wallerstein, he recently quit his leadership position after no one backed his position that the housing freeze in Yesha was a terrific idea. Previously, Lieberman testified in court that he worked with Israel Police to assure that no protesters would ever make it to Gush Katif.
Not a week before the evacuation, I was invited by three Gush Katif rabbis to give me inside information on the anti-evacuation spiritual leader "Rabbi" Shlomo Aviner. The "Rabbi" had made a mockery of protest by turning it into a hippie love fest. Young Gazan Jews hugged soldiers and held hands, while their parents were led to believe that the Jewish army would never remove them from their homes. The real Rabbis told me how the government had placed Aviner in their midst and some of the information was later widely published. Aviner molested young girl students who came to him for tutoring. He was a pedophile who was given a choice between sitting in prison for his perversion or betraying 10,000 Jews out of their homes.
I knew Aviner personally. He paid me about $1000 to research why Jonathan Pollard was really sitting in prison for life. I took the money, went to work and discovered that PM Shimon Peres took Pollard's documents and blackmailed George Bush Sr. into creating what became known as Iran Contra. It was a breakthrough. But instead of using it, Pollard, a secular Jew, was dragged into the world of Orthodoxy by a phoney marriage and his fate was sealed. From my intent of utilizing documented facts to gain freedom, the Pollard people now did the usual Orthodox baloney like gathering petitions that nobody outside the signees read, or writing letters beginning, An Open Letter To The President or An Open Letter To American Jews, which was neither read by any President nor any non-Orthodox American Jews. They do this for everything and don't begin to ask why. It's part of their delusion.
Of delusion, look, just look at this letter I received two days ago from the proud Gush Katif former resident who received the coveted Moskowitz Award:


Chaza"l ,our talmud scholars ,say that blessings are extended to that which is hidden from the eye..
When several different representatives of our wonderful caring super Gush Katifer cheering squad ladies from all over Israel nominated me for the distinguished Moskowitz Award for Zionism I was very embarrassed . There are certainly more worthy than I.
Most important why expose what is best accomplished modestly and quietly?
Then I suddenly realized that I was only the "front man".
I would be representing all the amazing people of Gush Katif .
I would be representing those amazing Jews "clean" ( as the mesilat yesharim calls it ) of an ulterior motive other than- Love of Israel .
They are those who were there for us in Gush Katif as well those standing alongside us ever since.
This understanding made be proud to have this honor and privilege of receiving this award !

This experience made me think of the importance of the ability to be multi focal.
We too often see things in micro and then all the macro is out of focus as if it didn't exist.
Quite often we macro focus which pushes the micro totally out of view.
Adjusting our spiritual vision to see both in a unified view is somewhat of a challenge for many.
Thank G-d the many experiences of the people of Gush Katif during the thirty years there gave us the privilege to become astute at having multi focal vision...

After the traumatic expulsion, debilitating pain of the cruel destruction and the desecrating uprooting of the graves of the Gush katif cemetary , we yearned to survive sane and healthy.
Very quickly most of us realized our moral, ethical struggle, in spite of the odds enabled us to salvage our Jewish values and spirit. The multi focal vision we developed from our experiences in Gush Katif began coming back in focus slowly but surely , yet faster than those surrounding us expected.
Soon the multi foculed among us hooked up with the multifoculed all over Israel with klall yisrael neshamas and the most amazing projects came to life. So very many caring people became a part of the amazing efforts to aid, encourage, hug and then plough forward towards the building anew.
There is a very long list of Jewish organizations and individuals in Israel and abroad who work with us and help us. Together we have brought a new light connecting Am Eretz and Torat Yisrael to our main artery, to ZION.
After the destruction of Gush Katif this new light of construction and the encompassing value based efforts are, I believe, part of our Shivat Tzion, the return of Zion, as we look and yearn for our rebuilt Jerusalem , the light that will lead the way for our people and the world...
Your presence will give me the strength to represent us all and accept the recognition and acknowledgement long due the amazing people of Gush Katif and their supporters. Kol Hakavod and appreciation to the Dr. Irving and Cherna Moskowitz family , the award committee and organizers for this initiative which above all else adds strength and honor to Zion,to Jerusalem, to the Unity of G-d .

Excuse me but is it just me or is this woman nuts? The Zionists throw her out and she honors them? The Moskowitz Award is no honor, it's a sick fantasy that no one, except the recipient, could care less about. This winner has convinced herself that 10,000 homeless, uncompensated people are now redeemed by a $7 trophy? And someone, somewhere in the Orthodox world actually agrees with her??
And the delusions get worse. One Shalom Rubashkin ran a kosher cattle butchery in Iowa that was the worst sweatshop since Upton Sinclair's time, employing hundreds of illegal, underpaid Latin American feudal semi-slaves and he got busted for it. Did the Orthodox community hide in shame, beg forgiveness, feel any guilt? Not in their mind state. They signed petitions no one will read to get this obvious "victim" of anti-semitism liberated.
My Lubavitch friend, who does not wish to be identified in this article, was deeply ashamed of her community. Read on:

Politically Incorrect about SM Rubashkin
By My Friend

With my laptop on my knees, I find myself beginning to write while watching the gentle flames of my Lag B’Omer fire. I have a permit for the fire. It was complicated to get, it had to be approved by the village and the health department as well as the fire department. The permit stipulates that I have to be present at all times, which I am… that the fire cannot be more than 3 feet in any dimension, which it is not, and… that the permitt is until 11 pm. OK. So it's a little past midnight… From such a small fire, the smoke will likely not be detected, and even if it is, I figure it is worth the fine to be able to enjoy my fire a little longer.
But it makes me wonder… did Shalom Mordechai not make a Cheshbon when he committed his crimes? Did he think he would not get caught? Perhaps he thought if he gave Tzedakah he would not get caught. My very first lesson at Beis Chana in Minnesota (not far from Iowa) was about a thief who paused to Daven before committing his crime. Or perhaps Shalom Mordechai did not know what the consequences would be.
Maybe SMR did not know he could be scapegoated if he committed a crime. It is my hope that others take to heart the example that SMR has suffered. As long as people indulge in illusions of Ëœpure anti-semitism," and feel it is the judicial system which is at fault, they are not going to be able to make educated decisions to determine their own actions.
I pray that SMR is returned to his family in good time. It hurts me to see such a gem of a man, with such beautiful family, in such a terrible situation. What bothers me is the superstar image that has been generated around him. When I started getting e-mails from school aged children about SMR I became concerned.
In Chabad we have holidays when we celebrate the release from prison of our Rebbeim. Do the children recognize the difference between why the Alter Rebbe was jailed and why SMR is being jailed? The popularity and excitement surrounding the SMR case are frightening. They portray SMR as the good guy and the court as the bad guy. To young people – it may be conveying the message that financial crimes are cool. Our country is far from perfect. We need to work to improve it. But it is still a fabulous country even the way it is. We want a court system and we want our courts to punish criminals.
I received an email notice about SMR from a Shul newsletter. I e-mailed back that some note should be made that although we are doing what we can to release SMR, we do not condone criminal actions… even if those criminal actions are non-violent. The response I got from the sender of the email was that when they sent the first request on SMR's behalf they did mention such a thing and they feel that is suffice. Well… I did not see it the first time and I question a Shul and a Rav that support him without making that qualification. It worries me… do the youngsters involved in the campaign know to separate what is wrong and what is right.
When I hear people say that when the operations of SMR's plant were closed down, it forced him to default on his loans and therefore he is not to blame. I am amazed. In other words, he would not have been caught. Maybe people feel that way because they know they told a few lies when they applied for their mortgage… and if so, it is a perfectly legitimate action. If we all do it, that makes it the right thing to do, right? Irrelevant. If you do it, you risk getting caught. And you should make your personal decision on the odds of being caught against the potential punishment for the fraud. There is also the moral factor. Is your illegal act immoral?
I am trying to guess what the judge's perspective is as she deliberates on the sentence. If she gives too light a sentence it will give a message to SMR that his crimes were also light. She is no doubt aware of the widespread endorsement that surrounds the case. SMR sympathizers have sent messages to her and she wants to answer them. They have turned this into a public trial. She may recognize that she and the court have been demonized and that the SMR supporters continue to portray him an innocent victim.
How can we change her attitude? I think we can serve SMR best by showing the judge we have learned a lesson. We realize we need to respect the law. We realize we need to respect the court system. In fact it is a teaching of Our Torah to do so. If it were up to me I would initiate – in the Zechus of Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin – a network of Shiurim teaching the importance of business ethics. Summaries of the classes at different locations could be sent to the judge. In addition to adult classes, since high school children have been involved in the campaigns for SMR, let the high schools teach these classes also and assign reports. Let the judge see that the conviction of SMR is enough to put our community on the road she wants us to follow.

And the delusions just don't stop. The Orthodox hate Obama, and a movement thinks Sarah Palin is their savior. How can a woman who gets a million bucks an episode for a reality show, or takes $100,000 for a twenty minute speech be anyone's savior? Other people wrote me to, seriously I add, declare that the Icelandic volcano was God's wrath at England's policy towards Israel. These are the guardians of holy writ turning the Torah into superstition.
But it's not their fault entirely. In Israel, their wisest rabbis were murdered one by one by the shadow government and I add, costing me some of my most reliable friends and informants. Replacing them were criminals financially backed to be their leaders.
But how can I defend the Orthodox when they don't clean house and defend themselves?


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