Ken Wilber Stops His Brain Waves

Ken Wilber Stops His Brain Waves

You already knew that Ken has no heart, now we find out that he has no brain, either!

That's right, Ken can stop his brainwaves on demand. Actually—and in a more serious vein—this is the famous EEG machine recording where Ken enters various meditative states, one of which is a type of "thoughtless," "image-less," or "formless" state, whose correlate is that his brainwaves come to an almost complete stop, as clearly recorded on this portable electroencephalograph (EEG) machine. (This video is discussed in One Taste, April 10 entry.)

We asked Ken to do a short 10-minute commentary on these various meditative states and the corresponding brain-wave patterns that are shown on the EEG machine in the video. Ken enters four meditative states (nirvikalpa closed eyes, nirvikalpa open eyes, sahaj, and mantra-savikalpa), each of which has a very distinctive brain-wave pattern. In his commentary, Ken emphasizes that the patterns shown on this machine may or may not be typical, but they do emphasize that profound consciousness states can be evoked at will, and these show immediate correlation in brain-wave patterns.

If nothing else, seeing somebody's brainwaves flatline in about 4 seconds is a sight not easily forgotten! It also explains why we once heard Ken's girlfriend say, upon delivering news that she thought might not be happily received, "Now, um, honey, make your brain waves go to zero...."

More seriously, as Ken often says, "If you want to know God, you've got to get your brain out of the way first. It's just one big stupid filter...."


  1. drew

    I have to say, I have read a lot of Ken Wilber and during my introductory reading of his works my mind got going in new, positive ways. Then I read further and began to re-read, and I realized this man’s work is nothing new – he is some integral hack, and I don’t mean that in an offensive way, but he just sort of regurgitates material of spiritual leaders and philosopohers across time space.

    The real deal-breaker for me, although I take some influences from his sexual and revolutionary posits, was when Al Gore wrote a by-line for one of his anthologies. Then I started to recount in intellectual circles I had discussed Wilber in that there were these sort of collected unconscious by-lines that people who really wanted to be “integral” used to emphasize the imprtance of his work – “He’s the only living philosopher to have had his life works published,” and the like…

    Is he a bad man? I seriously doubt it – if he is, who cares? The world can’t sustain anything less than an all-one spirituality, we can call it integral or the Law of One or All-One or whatever other names we come up with, but Mother Earth and Father Sky retaliate against lesser ideas and institutions on a second-to-second basis, and until we get back to one, All-One, we have none.

    I am prepared for the onslaught of obvious, sophomoric hippie Dr. Bronner’s jokes, so let the games begin. But seriously, if you think about it, no New World Order ideology has EVER worked- ask the Greeks, the Nazis, Napoleon, FDR, Brezynski – NONE OF THEM NOR THEIR “ORDERS” OR SECRET SOCIETIES WILL EVER SUCCEED AT OVERTHROWING HUMANITY.

    To illustrate that, consider your own insignificance to the world beyond the illusion of your perceived “self.” YOU WOULDN’T MATTER IF YOU WEREN’T ALLOWED TO LIVE IN THE DELUSION THAT YOU ARE SOMEBODY AND NOT NOBODY. Nor do George Bush or Obama or the man in the moon matter because they are only who they think they are, nothing more…they can kill, mame, rape, pillage and plunder, but the Earth and the Sky DO NOT CARE. They are patient, they play multi-dimensional chess at such an alarming scale that humanity will never rule them, no matter how sinister the plot to take over the world or commit silent genocide or own the weather by 2025, it’ll never EVER work…

    Mother Earth and Father Sky will ultimately prevail the war for the world, and we pathetic humans will likely die screaming in confusion as we join our destined all-oneness and become what we truly are – just a flash occurrence of energy expressed into a vast and phenomenal void called life.

    OVerall I actually like Wilber in the same way that I always liked Leary and Huxley and RA Wilson – lightly amused by his philosophical interpretations and honored to be literate enough to read these books and form an opinion after 15 years of drinking flouridated water and breathing in experimental Monsanto concoctions.


  2. Roberto

    A wonderful thinker for uniting many concepts into a significant map for personal development. The Universe will take care of itself because WE ARE IT. So with that said we could learn what is useful and reframe what we think is not in resonance with our experience. Above all we could practice a more aware life and reach an understanding that is higher than our previous views. The amazing part about it all is that we truly are in control and yet many continue to reject response-ability. Its sad and yet funny…I as well am open-light to all new forms and waves of cognition…NWO is here and always has been…so please keep the fear mongering to your own self…wake up and grow up…peace

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