Extraterrestrial Star Seed Inside UFOs Roswell Project Aquarius Zingo Pleiadian Starfire

Eddie Page is telling his life story as an Extraterrestrial that was part of the -C-I-A- Project Aquarius unit. This Video will cover his true story. Eddie Page, an extraterrestrial who worked at the -C-I-A- headquarters in Langley, Virginia and Area 51 for 12 years. But I am also not a real ET, reason for we were here before mankind appeared. I do explain this thoroughly in this video. It is very self-evident to the facts, man was seeded by the Pleiadians as we are from there. But I shall leave it as it is for now, as all my siblings have agreed to this since I am the one to speak on our behalf. The true-life story told by Eddie Page an extraterrestrial Star Seed unit inside -C-I-A-. Allow me to explain something and clarify a mistake the government said, we are not hybrids, we are pedigrees of unknown origin. Our types could not be identified with any known human types but was labeled as that of O- negative with unidentifiable origins. It was called the “STARFIRE ”! So, I wanted to just tell you that. We may look human, but I can assure you we are far from it. This video will explain what I am saying.
Eddie Page's Official YouTube page: Please go there and Subscribe for New Updated Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9SrKrf9B6BpfD-m0db6qOg (combined and uploaded here with permission from eddie page please go to his official channel and subscribe for updates)


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