Either way, Zionists win in Britain’s confused election

Stuart Littlewood

May 7, 2010

The battle of the Israel stooges in Britain’s general election has ended inconclusively in what's called a "hung parliament" - i.e. no overall winner.

We can now expect a few days of horse-trading between David "I'm-a-Zionist" Cameron, Gordon "Me-too" Brown to see which stooge can form a credible government.

But regardless of who finally enters Number 10 Downing Street the real winners will be the Zionists.

Either party chief will ensure Israel has a staunch friend who’s faithful to the thuggish regime. Cameron and Brown are both patrons of the Jewish National Fund and have surrounded themselves with lieutenants who are equally supportive of the Zionist entity's lawless expansion and barbaric conduct. Their loyalty to the British Crown is of course suspect, nevertheless many of them will occupy ministerial or key posts, especially in the Foreign Office and on intelligence, security and defence committees, as was the case under the previous Labour administration.

Britain’s safety and reputation are therefore the losers.

Both leaders are on such friendly terms with Israel's criminal élite that they wish to change our laws to protect them from arrest on war crimes charges and provide them with a safe haven.

Both talk earnestly of "our national interest" in these ticklish times, but where this potentially conflicts with the US-Israel interest it is feared that what's good for Britain will be sidelined.

The voting public have even elected to Parliament the former political director of the Conservative Friends of Israel, most of them no doubt blissfully unaware of his sympathies with the foreign power and the influence his promotional activities are intended to have on the party's already distorted foreign affairs thinking.

What happened, you might be wondering, to Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats who were such outsiders that they hadn't yet been groomed by Washington and Tel Aviv and were therefore relatively uncorrupted?

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports how diplomats in the Israeli embassy heaved a sigh of relief when they heard about Clegg's poor showing on election day. They feared the Liberal Democrats would not be such a soft touch as the two main parties.

Many of us warned that the sudden upsurge in their popularity after Clegg's acclaimed performance in the first leaders' TV debate would fizzle out. Why? When the talk turned to foreign policy and immigration their blind support for the EU, their unwillingness to throw out illegal immigrants and their inability to tackle the flood from Eastern Europe were laid bare.

My prediction a few weeks ago was that they would not achieve more than 24 to 25% of the vote, and that is exactly what they’ve had to settle for.

During the election campaign some senior politicians have talked about the British political system being "broken". It isn’t. Too many MPs are delinquent. They lack integrity and disregard the principles of public life. Party leaders have neither the will nor the moral backbone, it seems, to uphold those principles - such as not placing themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might influence them in the performance of their official duties.

It is easier to blame the system than behave honourably.

We can expect more of that.

Stuart Littlewood
7 May 2010

Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For further information please visit " target="_new" style="text-decoration: none; ">www.radiofreepalestine.co.uk
NTS Notes: The British people just don't get it.... Gordon Brown, David Cameron, or even Nick Clegg... It doesn't matter who becomes the newest British Prime Minister, because the country is still under the grip of the Zionist Jews, and their banking empire based upon the "City Of London". The people of Britain will still be the same obedient slaves of the Zionist Jews, just in the same way the American people are the obedient slaves of Zionist Jews in the United States.

Real freedom will only be obtained by people actually voting in representatives that come out front and state that they support their constituents first, and not the Zionist state of Israel. But again, money talks, and the financial backing of these fools that run is obtained through Zionist banking interests first and foremost!

Good luck, Great Britain... Another election, and another Zionist Jewish stooge will be sitting at No.10 Downing Street!

More to come



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