Bob Lazar UFO & Alien Technology Video Collection

Bob Lazar WSVN News June 1, 1990

Unsolved Mysteries: Secret Aircraft and Roswell UFO
Orginally aired in 1994, this segment of Unsolved Mysteries showcases video of purported secret aircraft and links to UFO sightings. This is a segment from Unsolved Mysteries that originally aired in February, 1994 and details the "Donuts On A Rope" and "Flying Dorito" still and video captures. Unfortunately the producers of the segment didn't think the subject was sexy enough for the average X-Files fan and decided to try and make a link between UFOs and black aircraft. I was against this move but I really didn't have much say in the matter.

Robert Lazar on Alien Technology
Robert Lazar describing in detail the alien craft that he claimed to have worked on, in an attempt to reverse-engineer its technology. He also mentions the briefing he was given, telling him that it was indeed alien technology.

Bob Lazar at Area 51: Reverse Engineering ETVs and Free Energy

Bob Lazar's story may well be one of mirrors but this doesn't make it invalid or even untrue. Interestingly a lot of Lazars data back's up the Billy Meier case.

Robert Lazar describing the workings of a UFO reactor

Nuclear Physicist Robert Lazar describes the workings of the reactor of a recovered UFO, on which he claims to have worked on.

UFO Test Flight over Area 51

Robert Lazar filmed this "test flight" of a vehicle at Area 51 in January 1990. Having claimed to have worked there, he was told that test flights usually occur on Wednesday nights, as this was statistically the time of least air traffic.

On more than one occasion he took people with him to observe flights. Note the incredibly tight turns and manoeuvres the object makes.

Stan Friedman on UFO frauds and Bob Lazar

Ufologist Stan Friedman talks about the problem of UFO frauds, and Bob Lazar in particular, in this excerpt from the 2001 interview. (c) 2001 Redstar Films Limited



  1. Zetter's

    You guy’s just gotta chill out. You really sound like a bunch of sophmoric monkeys. When was the last time you got laid? If you are so sure of SPACESHIP TECH-?THEN WHY CANT YOU MAKE A MOVEMENT? PROOF IS in the PUDDING!!!!

  2. Graboid

    These comments are show us why the proofs have never come out, or if they have come out why it was never believed.
    “Sucking each others dicks” and “getting laid” are the main stream of their culture. People will never believe when a new concept is introduced. They reject it outright without even giving it a thought. I feel sorry for these guys!

  3. Daro

    Stan Friedman looks the part, yeah? “Kooky scientist” looking dude. But he’s a CIA disinformation shill…

    In 5 years I’ve watched him support one idea, slam another; without any consistency at all. Then he slams Bob.

    Bob Lazar is the most credible testimonial witness I’ve ever seen. Bob makes no gesture “mistakes” and does one thing in his interview that virtually guarantees his honesty. No I won’t tell you what it is! Hoaxers will simply co-opt that as a technique!! Failure to do that one action somewhere in the interview is the easiest way to spot a liar, but it’s not definitive, I admit.

  4. dave

    It is not disputable that Lazar graduated in the bottom third of his high school class. Neither MIT nor Cal Tech would have accepted him. Did the shapeshifters falsely modify his high school transcripts too? Did Aliens also cause him to “misspeak” and “remember” a professor at his junior college incorrectly as a professor in California?

    Gee, I wonder to what degree somebody could milk the ‘you-can’t-verify-what-I-say-because-aliens-changed-the-records’ excuse to account for inconsistencies in their stories?

    What’s more likely? Aliens changed the records, or Lazar is a publicity-whore?

    How could he have been working as a film developer, if his education put him on par with the kind of scientists Area 51 hires out for? Did aliens use their mind-control abilities to make Lazar think that film processing was actually UFO testing too?

    Religion and Marketing already prove that people don’t give a shit if they are proven wrong, they will continue putting faith in the disproven theory because humans naturally prioritize simplification of life in a way that that characterizes them as victims, far more than they prioritize the results of critical thinking skills. Don’t believe me? Lazar says aliens and government spooks destroyed or modified the records that would have proven his version of history. What bullshit theory could NOT be proven with this convenient excuse? By the way I’m a billionaire looking to fund UFO research, but you’d never know it cuz the records are erased.

    If the government spooks and aliens are so darn worried to keep the technology secret, the idea that they would refrain from killing Lazar is just stupid. The government has killed scientists for their propensity to reveal less-shocking truths to the world.

    If aliens have mind-control technology, they could easily program Lazar to say all the wrong things to keep their technology hidden. How will he argue that he is free of this kind of Orwellian control? What’s next? Is he an angel?

    Back to your happy-pills, you fuckin dreamers. Then detox.

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