Fedeli d’Amore: With Love from Florence

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Florence is the New Babylon, Nimrods City. The feast day is 24th of June, John The Baptists (Nimrod ?) day the most important feast day for Freemasons and also the day in 1717 when the Grand Lodge of London was founded. John the Baptist was most important to Knights Templar and still is to Freemasons. The Symbol of the city of Florence is the Giglio to Florentine folk other wise known as the Fleur du Lys (various spellings) The Fleur-de-lis, symbol of the Babylonian trinity of Nimrod,Queen Semiramis and Tammuz,among other things. IN 1252 when the Florentine Bankers minted the equivalent of the medieval petro-dollar known as the Florin this big lump of a gold coin had John the baptist (Nimrod) on one side and on the other the Fleur-de-lis. IN 1460 Marsiglio Ficino was head of the Neo Platonic Academy, the first Academy in the World. Ficino Translated the Hermetica, which is attributed to Hermes Mercurious Trismegistus, the daddy of freemasonry. HT can be seen in the entrance of Siena Cathedral handing the post (letters) to Moses. Florence has a long distinguished masonic history, the first masonic lodge in Italy was founded there by a group of English gentlemen one of them was well renown Satanist Sir Francis Dashwood, of Hellfire club fame. When Francis of Lorraine took over a few years later he had already been initiated into english freemasonry 8 years earlier. Fascism was big in Tuscany and extremely popular in Florence, Tuscany was the blackest region in Italy. After ...


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