The Crop Circle Ship – Blueprints in the Crop Circles

This is one of those videos with an altered voice for the narrator and makes it less than credible. There are some interesting conjecture about the nature of crop Circles, but there are way to many sketchy folks involved in the "research". Say what you want, there is way to much fraud by drunk Brits who keep fucking with the people looking into this stuff.

The elements that make the laws of physics behave somewhat different at sanctuaries are many: magnetism, water, stone, sacred geometry, sacred measure (yes, all measures are not the same), sound, and that most under- and over-used ingredient only humans possess, intent.

By carefully blending these principles together, it is possible to open a portal of connectivity to other levels of reality. It is even possible to use such information to construct modern temples. And this is precisely what our ancestors were up to when they created tens of thousands of special sacred sites all over the world.

     (B.Shitte)>>See how crop circles are teaching us to build advanced new kinds of technology. Search for 'crop circle ship' on google video for longer versions.


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