WTF IS GOING ON IN OUR WORLD! Chemtrails, liquid crystals, EMF, orbs ARCHON MIND PARASITES

tsaklar asked:

**CRITICAL UPATE** IT'S ALL LED TO THIS--a journey culminating into something of wonder. First - we are being SETUP big-time; decades of desensitizing us to chemtrails & false clouds consisting of LIQUID CRYSTALS; designed to play off of our "5-sense" mentality & believe theatrics on the screen in our home & sky. Next I was incorrect- these entities are NOT reptilian; they are ELECTROMAGNETIC mind-parasites -- I can see them, documented by the GNOSTICS 1k's of years ago dubbed THE ARCHONS, wiped clean from history by the Roman-Catholic --Archon-Empire. This is a mind-game, manipulating our beliefs in order for them manifestation in our reality via our forgotten power to CREATE. How is it I have gone toe-to-toe with "them" for so long? BELIEF...FAITH. WE HAVE THE POWER to CHANGE IT ALL. THINK the world of our dreams; IMAGINE the transformation; love & light to all; BELIEVE in yourself. BELIEVE in your DREAMS, & REMEMBER your POWER to CREATE. It's critical to perform your own research on the very real power belief has on our reality. This power has been gifted to all of us & studies in science & medicine about this are so compelling it's important to boost one's confidence around this, or in other words to help one gain belief in themself. Additional Resources about the POWER OF BELIEF: Dr. Emoto's research on the affect thoughts & emotions have on the molecular structure of water - Bruce Lipton's research on the Biology of Belief - Wave ...


  1. Cathy Edwards

    Everyone please watch the movie “The Arrival” starring Charlie Sheen. The Arrival 2 is also telling. I believe this may be why Charlie Sheen has exhibited such bizarre behavior and is battling chemical addiction – this man knows the storyline in this movie is based on truth. When I first saw the movie years ago, I innately knew this was not fiction. Please go watch the movie I believe you can find it on Youtube definitely from Netflix!

  2. Cathy Edwards

    Thank you so much for providing your individual gift as a member of the body of the human family. We all must re-member and I too have been on my own journey to provide what I have through my individual experience to aid in we reconciling ourselves to our divine source. I thought I was going crazy with what I had been noticing in the heavens. Recently, on my street it was night and day at the same time in the middle of the day! Sun was moving rapidly – called others to see for themselves!

  3. celticross1

    Holy shit!!! You just filled in my missing pieces. Thank you! I need some time with this but HOLY SHEET!!!!! I think I’m looking at a completed jigsaw puzzle. I might have info for you but……I only seen 2 of your vids but…….

  4. jf1325

    12/22/12. I live in S, Florida.Yesterday it was an usually clear day, not cloud in the beautiful blue sky ,low temps( for S.FL.) and low humidity.At around 8:00 a.m. ,they started to furious spay the sky.When they were through, there were chem trail streaks everywhere..Within an hour,there was a whitish film across the entire sky..Don’t know what the true purpose of this action is for,but it is real and definitely sinister.

  5. PhilodoxMoon

    Hidden remains the mind that wishes to not know, asleep and ignorant to things greater than the self, selfish and uncaring to the reality of the world around you.

    Only knowledge, sacred knowledge, can show you the path to the light, free yourself from the darkness of unknowing, free your mind from captivity and look deeper than surface layer, experience selflessness and spread knowledge to other that may still be in the dark.

    Awaken Brothers and Sisters, We are waiting for you.

  6. Lozen Gidi

    Thank you so much for the information and you put it beautifully. I don’t know what else to say but so far everything you have said is true. At least as for my life what I have seen and even been told. Thank you for explaining so well!

  7. charles morgan

    well idk bout all this but ive done 4 monthes of research on human population where sopposed to hit 9 billion in like i believe its 25 years but all sudden by 2060 the population is sopposed to slow down and actually decrease some like 1.777 billion i do wonder how tho it does make u wonder. but i just live my life why i am here u do only live once.

  8. TheHipsterPipster

    THIS IS ALL TRUE! PLEASE LOOK UP & SIGN THIS PETITION. IT’S OUR CHANCE TO POSSIBLY BE HEARD ON THE CHEMTRAILS TOPIC…NOT MUCH TIME LEFT TO SIGN. H.T.T.P //­­ition/we-people-demand-immedi­a­te-thorough-and-honest-inves­ti­gation-geo-engineering-haar­p-c­hemtrails/92tzW2Ns#thank-y­ou=p

  9. Chante Moody

    Not to be rude, but I don’t believe the these anomalies are the results of the things you say they are. But, I don’t have answer at all; so, I definitely can be wrong. There is something abnormal going on. I know people already think I’m crazy, for believing in God and the Bible (some actually hate me for such beliefs). So, I kow people will really tink I’m crazy and hate me for saying I’ve seen things in the sky moving, but I don’t care. I know what I saw; but, I don’t know what it means.

  10. Chante Moody

    Well, many of the things you say of these videos sounds like new age spiritism to me (I may be wrong, but that is what it sounds like). Yet, I still watch some of these videos, because I have seen anomalies that many others claim not to have noticed. I have witnessed the bright “star” in the sky on a regular basis, and a smaller bright “star” move around right in front of my eyes. I saw the moon move before too. I heard the weird noise in the sky too. So, I want to know what’s going on.

  11. mpfeiffer056

    All of this make’ssense to me. We are being hit everyday now with chemtrail’s, and have been experiencing odd thing’s. The ringing in my ear’s will not stop now. My eye site is going bad, and constantly feel like I’m getting the flu. This has been going on for some time now. My family, and friend’s are also going through this mess. My channel show’s alot of chemtrail’s over the past month. The air also smell’s wierd now, and I have seen the debree after they spray us. People need to wake up.

  12. 7awaka

    At last … someone took notice of the anomalies…. ones i have noticed here in Egypt for many years now that defy the matrix movies themselves…the entire world is fake

  13. Kilion4d

    what’s with the wierd voice and even wierder video? Why not just make a slide show? It kinda makes the video boring to watch ahhaha…

  14. leo Gonzalez

    Hey I see your talking about crystals, would they be useful in clearing the chakras of parasitic archeons from the Sun? because I had looked at images of the Sun and saw what you would call the Archons I think, I think I somehow created a link with a a negative entity and I have had digestive problems my eyes I think are dilated 24/7 since then and I hear a constant noise coming from my ear,digestive problems such as digesting food too quickly happened ,but its gotten better.

  15. tsaklar

    would they link together & align into a precise geometric “hexagonal columnar” grid, easily used to project holographic imagery. It’s all right there brother & for anyone who has the courage to look into this with genuine intent & an open mind the conclusion of liquid crystals would take maybe 30 min of research, an hour or 2 documenting the measurable patterns, behaviors, & characteristics of these substances in the sky, & another 30 min to link literally all of them to LCs. Cheers

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