UFOs Appear Over Phoenix Sandstorm on CNN! July 6, 2011

Sheilaaliens asked:

UFOs @ 0:20 !!! WHAT IS THAT THAT HAS BOOSTERS, AND THE OTHER ONE THAT FRIGGIN' KEEPS HOVERING AND... WHAT THE HELLL source: www.cnn.com :O I live an hour and half south of Phx in Tucson.. i want them to come see meeeeeeeeeee


  1. huyholyfire

    Anyone remember UFO during Japan Tsunami before ?? They are same … Is it really from HAARP ??

  2. takahashitoshiya

    are you sure thats not a reflecting lights from the plane on the camera lens ? because that make sense on it ww

  3. clauselan

    Those are normal aircrafts approaching to airport.
    You can identify beacon lamps on the ends of both wings of the first disappearing one. You can also identify the body of the aircraft.

  4. darkbit1001

    F117 possesses the maneuvering capability and form factor, but B2 would be a better fit since it’s not retired.

    Luke AFB is just < 30 mi west of Sky Harbor. Some F117 Video:

  5. lustra182

    Those are planes and this is fucking retarded. Do you call every random light you see in the sky a UFO?

  6. darkbit1001

    @Xenzod Happens to me all the time. We need to coin a term for it because you’re the second person who does that.

  7. landybitz

    @StartSelect1 Dumbcunt here, opened my eyes this time and still only saw 2 planes with landing lights on and a dust storm. Sorry, clealy missing something.

  8. EDwinDoSaNTos16

    I hate how people come see this video and say FAKE!!! Dude I saw this LIVE I was looking real clos to the tv and then it unleaded some kind of booster like when a space ship launches like WTF this is real someone please agree with me!

  9. tiCln

    @thevoiceharmonic Nice theory but since the camera is mounted on the underside (0.03 – 0.08) of the chopper not filming through a window the said reflection is not possible. Remember this is a TV chopper so picture quality would not comprised by filming through a window. The spot @ 1.40 is a lens flare(common occurrence) and significantly different in duration , size , shape and colour to the other phenomenon.

  10. BlackScorpionSkull

    Cool hoax! You’ve come a long way from throwing your hats in the air and filming them in black and white. Keep up the good work!

  11. Shad0wSt0rm360

    if you guys paid attention to the vid, this was being filmed from the camera mounted on the bottom of the helicopter. its not a reflection in a window!

  12. dc619

    Looks like a reflection off of the sun/something inside since they taped this inside with windows (windows cause glare!!!!!!)

  13. thevoiceharmonic

    Look at the video at 1.40sec and notice a light suddenly appear on the right of the screen, then it is gone. This is a reflection of something inside the aeroplane – reflected from the window the camera is recording through. The other lights will be similar in their source

  14. ToucanSoup99

    Hey, where’s my great comment that got all those thumbs up?

    DO YOU EDIT AND CENSOR YOUR COMMENT BOARD, SHEILA ALIENS (what a strange last name….what is that? French?)?

    Alison and BeePee wouldn’t do that to me.

    I’M CANCELLING MY SUBSCRIPTION and I want my money back.

    Okay, okay, I didn’t pay anything to start, but send me money anyway!

    Censorship is for Nazis.

  15. bontea

    wow ok, I was thinking maybe the ship things were superimposed, but I did check the source vid and they are on there too. But.. if you were recording that and saw that thing, wouldn’t you have followed it w/the camera? That’s my only issue w/it..

  16. Xenzod

    @Sheilaaliens Planes often look stationary when you see them as just lights from far away. I once watched a point of light in the night sky just hovering for about 5 minutes. I grew more and more convinced it was a UFO. It suddenly started moving and eventually flew over my head. It was a plane.

    Take a look at this /watch?v=IsfsxwYliRY

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