UFO Landing in ENGLAND in 1980

ulrir asked:

This is a military document that reports a UFO landing near airforce base in England in 1980. they were 3 witness on site that day


  1. oryjen

    I still don’t understand why witnesses so often call those strange lights “object”…

  2. guitardude548

    you actually know that this is just an animation of what they tells us .. so ofc its a fake .. its not what exacly happend that day .. but its close . why not be able to believe ??..
    it maybe sounds like a really fake story but it may be real ..

  3. TheNetSavior

    Oh yes, the grey elves and fairies… I’ve had sex with them too. Did the elves and fairies use an anal probe on you when they told you about the law of the universe? The minute you enrich yourself, you lose your ability… This I have seen for a fact.

    Do you worship crop circles too? Isn’t it fun?

    The reptilian elves and fairies are nasty and sticky. Yuck!

    Did you know that elves and fairies built the Empire State Building? Yep, it’s true; they told me themselves.

  4. qiovanni

    they say fake because they’re so DUMB they didn’t realize the video is only meant to be a digital representation of what reported by the witness.

  5. kasmene74

    Why people say only “fake”?
    why seems impossible to belive?
    Are we so egoist and stupid to think that we are alone in the whole universe?
    How is possible to think we are alone?
    Feel free to belive or not on UFO but remember that was and it will be always the same, what we don’t understand we refuse!
    World was flat, ages ago? no? Well was wrong how was wrong to not belive in flight, supersonic speed and, and….alla we have right now and not ages ago!

  6. genericmeatunit

    ouch. you got me there. military personell would never lie, would they?

  7. 2Guys1CAT

    “would you change the fucking video, it sucks ballz the old guy was my old fucking janator smoke,smoke,smoke!”

  8. GoopyProduction

    i saw two lights in the sky one day they very big and bright and didnt look like airplanes

  9. Slaine79

    Are you serious? This is an animation of the event, not real footage. Did you even listen to the story? Shooting beem, an object landed on the ground and Later separating into 5 objects…? It was not a security camera, but a sighting by a security patrol. Do you really think one of the most famous sightings with several millitary personell, could be fireflies??
    Can you spell i-g-n-o-r-a-n-t?

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