UFO FILES: ANCIENT ALIENS – Alien/Extraterrestrial/Paranormal (documentary)

CoolDocs1001 asked:

ufo files - ancient aliens - alien extraterrestrial paranormal (documentary). thanks for watching history life discovery science technology tech learning edu...


  1. austin bishop

    So why havint we got video or pictures of them since cameras have been hd
    and can take high quality photos ?

  2. 2DebbieDoo

    I have just recently started to watch these..out of curiosity mostly. I
    like the artifacts and such, that for SOME reason we were never told about
    in school. But I am not convinced of “aliens.” I do however have a serious
    question…why were there “space vehicles and suits” only advanced to where
    we are today? To me, that would seem to suggest that WE should have the
    technology to travel father into space. Right? All of these theories seem
    to be compared to the “same space suits our astronauts wear today; the same
    rockets we fly in today…etc. Why?? Obviously we haven’t yet reached the
    technology to travel into deep space, but the “pictures” and artifacts are
    supposed to be proof of the same technology? Going to post this on more
    then one place, so maybe I get an answer.

  3. Nick Franklin

    If u pause it. At 1:50 I look like a person is fucken a goat or somethen
    wtf is that guy doen in the painting I’m mean really what is that spouse to

  4. marios manesis

    aliens and ufos are demons in disguise wake up people before is to late
    greetings from Hellas “Grecce”

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