Triangle Formation Over Omaha, NE & Fireworks UFOs in Milltown, NJ – July 4

Sheilaaliens asked:

Mass UFO Sightings Continue... July 2011 say whut This is UFO history in the making, hope you all are EnJoYiNg it! My list is sloppy but here are the places they have been (confirmed w/video) that I have observed: Russia Netherlands Kirton, Lincolnshire UK Nebraska + Omaha, NE Richmond, Indiana Gloucester, Massachusetts Smyrna, Tennessee Lake Worth, Florida Defiance, Ohio Windsor, Ontario, Canada Pennsylvania Chicago, Illinois Westland, Michigan Milltown, New Jersey Parts of CA, too.*** (check newer videos for updated lists) Mind you, that this is all between July 1 - 4. They are busy @_@! Care to see my personal encounter with these UFOs? It happened on November 20, 2010: Phoenix Lights Fly Over My Head (dirrty Version): (mute it) Phx Lights over my head mute version HD: Phx Lights over my head best quality HD, terrible loud piano music (mute it): Related: Connecting the dots - (Feb 7, 2011)



    You can add Denver to the list. My girlfriend & I were watching fireworks in an industrial part of town where we could see fireworks from all around. We noticed something that we thought was a comet/slow moving shooting star. It made no noise, faded in & out of observation, moved like nothing we’d ever seen before. It had a tail that was sparkly, like a trail of fire. It was very low in the skyline. Lots of others saw it too. Google UFO 4th of July Denver, there are videos!!

  2. bestfriendstuff

    no doubt interesting footage, gotta say tho everyones eyes woulda been at the sky that night making it a hoaxers dream, a very talented hoaxer at that, gotta look at any possibility, great ufo capture tho and way to travel around to get different view points.

  3. sexybisquit

    @jerwar68 I’ve already explained why it’s not a firefly and fireflies don’t disappear in front of you or morph into something else. It’s not a foot away from the camera either. But if you need to believe your opinion more then the actual research that was done, then knock yourself out!

  4. NindicaPinionsLight

    REVERSED Triangle Formation Over Omaha, NE Fireworks UFOs in Milltown NJ July 4
    youtube. com/watch?v=Kgy-Wapf3Mg

  5. Time4TruthDOTorg

    @tangia841 Why say crap as if you know for a FACT that what you are saying is correct? Stop spewing bullshit as if you have proof of what you are saying. You DON’T know what these are! All you are doing is helping spread min-information if it’s not what you THINK it is.

  6. EpicurusIVXX

    @2220Blues they would have to travel hundreds of thousands maybe millions of light years, meaning they would have to have life spans of millions of years. its just ridiculous to assume.

  7. 2220Blues

    @EpicurusIVXX I’m sure they get better gas mileage than us down here with our simple combustion engines…

  8. Lama777777

    Hey guys just wanted to say i saw the same thing on the 4th in 2009 at Sand Lake Mi. We were out canoeing on the lake, had a weird feeling overtake me, I turned around and saw this. Dont know what it is, but this is it. It was so odd, how it moved and changed formation so easily. I’ve grown up loving flight and have never seen anything move like this, as for fireflies there is no way what I saw were fireflies, nor Chinese lanterns. Seek to figure this out, but do not dismiss with simple answers.

  9. DCinNR

    July 4th @ 10:15 I filmed lights in the sky . I think now that they were chinese lanterns. but I still have trouble with their motion and a perfect triangle formation. This was in North Royalton Ohio Check it out..

  10. celerygeneral99

    most i’ve noticed are made out of plutonium and often emit a kryptonian light… don’t believe me, look it up. these ufos operate off nuclear energy… their energy is definitely sustained within the craft itself. yeah, i know i sound like a trekkie.. awfully convenient to dismiss me as a quack, isn’t it? it’s all propaganda. look up atomic aircraft, krypton, plutonium, nuclear fission. thats what these are. poisonous to us.. not to them. they rotate like an atom.

  11. jerwar68

    @sexybisquit What do you mean that firefly’s don’t fly that fast? It’s only a foot or so in front of the camera. I’m gonna say that you think it’s a couple miles out there and that it is flying fast. It’s obviously a firefly. It’s firefly season. Even a child would know this is a firefly. As for the birds. Birds are birds.

  12. sexybisquit

    @jerwar68 Actually, fireflies don’t fly THAT fast, I assure you! And the bird thing, well we just used some police video tech equipment on that part too and saw that the “birds” really do disappear in the one frame I mentioned earlier. This is very interesting footage here my man!!!

  13. Foodieholic

    in my opinion, they were definately UFOs. ilive in downtown omaha, and was watching the fireworks when i saw a red orb slowly flying past – just one. but it was exactly like these in your video. and i also saw a chinese lantern – the difference is so obvious it’s laughable. the question i had was, if you were trying to hide, why would you fly on the 4th of july??? everyone’s watching the skies! they obviously wanted us to see them!

  14. MichaGuanoKwan

    @fivedollerfootlong I have never seen Chinese Lanterns take such a precise route in all of my life. To me, the lights you’re seeing in this video are certainly not lanterns, they glow an orange/red colour anyway, so their pretty much out of the question :)

  15. tangia841

    These are Multi dimensional spheres from galactic federation! they always been visiting earth but now they will show themselves more and more till everyone consciously know about them ! the US government have been laying to us for ages! the time has come. indeed we are living in the most exiting time for humanity! have no fear they are here in peace… love & light

  16. nikolaalien014

    a decade ago people was saying that a UFOs are only a weather balloons,now they are “Chinese Lanterns”..We will never stop be stupid…

  17. G0nzoAssassin

    i seen the same fireball at venice beach july 4th about 10:22 it was really nice to see i know it wasnt a firework for a fact i know what i saw and if i wasnt a UFO had to be goverment.

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