THE HAARP CONSPIRACY: What is the Truth? (HD 1080p)

DaveandNic4eva asked:

From Innovative Entertainment Studio comes a short investigative look into the conspiracy hot subject of HAARP. What do you think about HAARP? Please note: The opinions expressed in this video are that of the creator, and therefore are neither right or wrong. You are entitled to your own opinion. Please express them.


  1. TheChickenRiceBowl

    No no no. You’re all wrong. It’s obvious that Team Rocket has captured Castform and are just trying to figure out how to use it. Lol it’s just another conspiracy people. There is a MAJOR difference between a THEORIST and a SCIENTIST. Just because they have ‘ist’ at the end doesn’t make them the same. Remember that when there’s another May 21 or another ’12.

  2. batain

    But what do they get out of creating natural distaers? How can these frequencies shft plates under the urface?

  3. Tom6093

    This is why the end is near people !!!! We elect to play God and change our weather and disasters ? Humanity is as sinful and as pathedic as God had invisioned , This is why we have to look to God and not inward to ourselfs. All we care about is Greed and power and selfish needs. And our downfall is calling religion and God a fairytale. It’s caused dogma, it’s caused death, But yet we build weather changing machines, nuclear and biological weapons. REPENT U FOOLS BEFORE IT’S TO LATE

  4. joetylerdale

    How could anyone get an “opinion” from this video?
    Oh wait, you said “opinion”…LOL, look up opinion, with all due respect WHAT good is an opinion regarding something so important to know?

  5. jdodson4389

    Thats not why they think HAARP can be used cause an earthquake. Don’t listen to what conspiracy theorists say. Look at what scientists say. There are a lot of videos on youtube about it.

  6. zohairisdabest

    awesome vid i learned a lot.
    weather this is true not not .
    there doesnt always have to be a reason for ‘NATURAL disasters’

  7. DaveandNic4eva

    @NeesamaLP I know! That’s the “theory” of the conpiracy theorists how H.A.A.R.P causes earthquakes!

  8. NewBornNickumz

    “Jesus is coming soon. Do not be decieved. Get on the train. The Bible is true. Repent and put ALL your faith in Jesus Christ, turn from your sins. God Bless. (“Because of this the land will be dry, and everyone living in it will be wasted away, with the beasts of the field and the birds of heaven; even the fishes of the sea will be taken away.”) Hosea 4:3

  9. Conciousnow1983

    Have a look at this people type in truthcontest in google click 1st link-The Truth Contest|Universal Truth of Life
    Click on the entry called “The Present.” what it says will turn this world around. You will see what I mean when you read the first page.
    If anything on the site rings true to you –
    Forward this letter to everyone in your address book; everyone needs to see it.

  10. MarleyTokes

    @DaveandNic4eva I believe HAARP is evil, im some way, i believe they can control the earthquakes, and weather.. but that video was retarded

  11. northwestblazinfire

    there is a much deeper technology here that was stolen from Tesla. Not to mention suppressed from the people. They’ve been putting this plan to reality now for a centurary plus. This machine is most definently at the heart of some kind of real evil, some kind of dark manipulation of sort. To which degree i can only speculate.

  12. ThunderclanWarrior6

    Can you do a NWO one? I hear alot about it but can’t find a neutral video, one that supports the theory and has some info against it too, like your videos.
    Also, what’s the song called?

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