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  1. Mozart Wolfgang

    Some of the most educated men and women do not believe in the spiritual
    things. When explaining these occurrent, they really sound ridiculously
    unintelligent. Those girls are more honest than these educated men. They
    would not be lying if it didn’t happen. Like the girls said, ” If you thing
    I am crazy, than come to our house.” These men would last a night. 

  2. popsishere1

    Over the course of many years and listening to explanations of how and why
    these occurrences take place, I’ve noticed one thing that stands out. If a
    highly educated person is confronted by something paranormal, it becomes
    more believable. I find that to be bullshit.. Normal people who live normal
    lives are more likely to fabricate hauntings ? People with a high education
    are unable to explain the things they witness so why is education even a
    point ? Science can’t put a finger on it so it must not be fact so, they
    come up with some kind of lame ass explanations. It must be the plumbing?!
    My toilet told me to GET OUT! Riiigghht…

  3. Fexell

    I would be more than happy to be proven wrong and find ghosts. It would be
    really cool and probably “once in a lifetime”-thing. I am not a believer of
    the paranormal (ghosts, gods, spirits, etc), but as said; I would be happy
    to be wrong. If I had the chance to go to a said “haunted place”, I would
    do that without any hesitation.

  4. stephanie washington

    Interesting that the poltergeists mis spells same words as the “agent”
    adolescent girl that energy is focused around… really makes you wonder

  5. Faith Gregg

    Ignorance is a virtue and these people have no virtue. Unless you have
    experience these kinds of things or had gone through your own experience
    then you talk. Science doesn’t have everything to do with everything. Damn
    wait how old is these people anyways?

  6. Lil Git

    I love when I hear scientific explanations for spooky stuff but the
    scientists debunking the hauntings around those kids just sounded stupid.

  7. Tyrion Lannister

    16:22 BULLSHIT. there are a lot of people including myself who would be
    exploding their houses with their brains each night if that were really the

  8. Noevilea

    ” If you think I`m nuts then you can come over our house and you`ll think
    your nuts too ” Is one of the most fantastic comments I`v ever heard. She
    has it together enough to know how to throw it back in their faces with

  9. Noevilea

    That pretty little girl at 10.45 does not appear like a nut job to me. She
    seems rather gathered and quite intelligent but just stating the facts as
    she has observed.

  10. Noevilea

    If that magician at 8.45 was here I would slap that condescending know all
    smile off his face. I don’t care what a persons training or education leads
    them to believe. If they think spirits and ghosts don’t exist then they are
    not just fooling themselves they are just PLAIN WRONG !!!!

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