1. PX2012

    THEY CANNOT FEEL.. The benevolent ET’s/UT’s are attempting to gain our ‘FEELING’ or ‘SOUL’. in rder to off set the EVIL workings of teh malevolent ones who are the same.

  2. PX2012

    Aliens can’t feel. That’s why they use and need us to experience ‘existance’ via proxy. They may be ghosts. They may be giants. they may be us.

  3. hrapu88

    no, we are not alone . just open your eye see how many different race animals are here in earth. maybe in space too.

  4. FrozenEMT

    Though stretching facts, you were at least making a half-way intelligent sounding thesis until you connected the pyramids to Freemasonry. As a Mason, I can tell you that the pyramid is not now, nor has it ever been a Masonic symbol. I know you’ll say that Im in denial or not high enough to know and my response to you will be if Im a Mason and I dont know, how are you not a Mason and you dont know. I love it when people from the outside of a group claim to know more than its members.

  5. namidairoyuisong

    i think there alien… which the ancient people call the gods…
    that what i think…i really hope we are the alone in this universe…

  6. gargoor

    in the quran , its said the antichrist got one eyes , and he’ll come … i won’t say i believe this nairubi thing but all those facts leads to the emergence of the antichrist which all religions agreed on , i didn’t believe in religions till i did my researchs on the illuminati and colided with this huge secrets which are hidden very well

  7. libertyordeath2009


    AND THE GREAT LIE. find these books and read them. Available from the publishing

    company online called Lulu and online at Amazon. Written by leading patriot movement

    member Derek Johnson.

  8. libertyordeath2009


  9. Vasiliy

    End of the world. A planet – Nibiru. Evacuation till December 21 2012. Your last opportunity of rescue. Reception of the complete information – send the message with a theme: Planet X Nibiru. newarmagedon@mail.ru
    Confidentially important.

  10. Jonisdaman

    fuck u that was my plan. alright you repopulate the earth with ricans I’ll repopulate with fine ass black women. we can even exchange some like a royal family. have our grandchildren write about that shit.

  11. stdd95

    if its the end of the world there is nowhere for you or anybody to run to
    if this does happen(personally i dont it will) the only way to survive is if you happen to be visiting the moon when this happens

  12. hsmari

    You really think Nibiru is gonna clash with Earth and we all are going to die ? Bro, I can tell you, you are in for an amazingly joyful surprise :)

  13. hsmari

    You and the “elite” are obviously just dumb old apes who waste all their money in arms equipment cause you are so fucking pathetic and stupid you think that is the way to power.

    I am ashamed of you elite who rule earth.

    And you say your Illuminati, tell me one sentence of wisdom to prove you are “elite”

  14. azzhoul09

    i’m going hideout in my underground chamber with 3 sexy ass puerto ricans, 4 cuban, and repopulate earth

  15. azzhoul09

    i’m going get 3 sexy ass puerto ricans, 4 cubans and go into my underground hideout and repopulate earth

  16. OlderG0ds

    You insolent fool. How dare you speak a member of the elite in this manner!

    Love will not save you any more than your tin foil hats will. It’s all futile. You may as well bow down to your overlord masters now, and we will take mercy upon you. Resist, and you shall pay dearly.

    – Illuminati

  17. hsmari

    Hahahah you pathetic loser. I’m pretty sure the loving beings of light are much more powerful than you evil scums… and i can tell you that you will be punished for the evil works you do in life.

    The sooner you realize love is the most important thing in life you will be better off.

    Old idiot

  18. omerthe3rd

    so that ancient sick, retarted twisted freaks descended to modern Europe and that’s why one can find all those secret shit and dark side of human race over there and that’s true that they (Europeans) have evolved from monkeys … all hail to Illuminati !! ur lord has arrived!! so be happy!! bow down and kiss their tailed ass lol … u sick freaks !!

  19. Nabil Khalil

    Our Mother Sun ( Sirius ) is including :

    1 – Sothis ( Sirius A ) which is about 2 masses of our sun ( Ra ), and about 20 times illuministy of our sun

    2 – Statis ( Sirius B ) which is called the white star its mass is about the mass of our sun

    3 – Sirius C1 which is called ( Nemesis ) or Anu it was a sun from millions of years, then

    it birthed ( Ra ) which is our sun and from that time it does not become a sun but

    it becomes the 12 th planet, Anu has 7 moons, the 7 th outer moon is Nibiru and Nibiru

    is the Space Ship of Anu, Every 3600 years Anu wants to visit its Son ( Ra ) riding the

    space ship Nibiru, this ship makes some small effects upn Earth and other planets from

    its field, this field needs Gold and Money as shield from its effect by making Help together

    and no payments for other planets as these effects are small also as on the Earth

    4 – Sirius C2 ( Ra ) which is our sun

    But if Anu is the 12 th planet what is the Eleven planets ?

    They are : Mars, ceres ( asteroid belt ), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Nipton, Pluto, Kuiper belt

    , Eris, Sedna, Nibiru and the 12 th planet is Anu

    Sirius is the third brightest body in the night sky after Moon and Venus and every year near to the

    Nile Flood Sirius becomes more near to Earth

    And in part 53 in Quran its name is Shiaraa

    and thank you

  20. Lee

    there is alot we cannot comprehend or do not want to believe, Only half our history has been told to us, the evidence is out there.

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