MORE UFOs from July 3 & 4 – Texas & Indiana

Sheilaaliens asked:

My list is sloppy but here are the places they have been (confirmed w/video) that I have observed: Russia Netherlands Kirton, Lincolnshire UK Nebraska + Omaha, NE Indiana + Richmond, Indiana Gloucester, Massachusetts Smyrna, Tennessee Lake Worth, Florida Defiance, Ohio Windsor, Ontario, Canada Pennsylvania Chicago, Illinois Westland, Michigan Milltown, New Jersey El Paso, TX Parts of CA, too. (check newer videos for updated lists) Mind you, that this is all between July 1 - 4. They are busy @_@! Care to see my personal encounter with these UFOs? It happened on November 20, 2010: Phoenix Lights Fly Over My Head (dirrty Version): (mute it) Phx Lights over my head mute version HD: Phx Lights over my head best quality HD, terrible loud piano music (mute it): Related: Connecting the dots - (Feb 7, 2011)


  1. TooChill

    Your vids can really be hit or miss Sheila. This one is def a hit. Good shit. My cat can beat up ur cat btw…reeaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! ;)

  2. SuckDeezNutzBitch

    On the 4th, I saw two here in Southern, CA, (Ventura). I was at the beach and as the sun was setting, what looked like a couple miles above the sun, one appeared and got pretty bright, hovered, then moved up and faded out. As soon as it faded out, one appeared that was moving down. It stopped, hovered, moved sideways and slowly faded out as well. I had no clue there were that much sightings in cali on the fourth

  3. slobomotion

    I hope you see the vids of the guy in California who puts his name in the lowbar and the exact location of where he is and he seems to be able to ask them to flash at him. At the very least he’s nice, and enjoys it, and we enjoy his vids! Lots of them look like satellites to me but he has a few which change course. Uprated this. Have no explanation for these of course. Could be a hoax, but fun we’re all looking! (I always have.) xo from France

  4. myshambhala

    @Sheilaaliens I agree that chinese lanterns can’t turn on suddenly. But it can be that one lantern almost extinguished, but it was too dark to record it on the video. And then flame reappeared again.

    This video is too short to decide. But color of lights are EXACTLY like color of chinese lanterns. So I think question is open, what it really is.

  5. 456manny1

    That is so false flag!!!

    Those are (2) modularized: U.S.A.F. TR-3B’s.

    Dayzz haszz beenzz uuzzz’n datzz 4 (16) years now……….

  6. ScamArtists33

    Was near Lake, Castaic Ca. for fireworks. My girlfriend and her father observed one loaner flying, Then I saw 5 flying in formation, in a line, behind the ridge lines and mountain tops to the east of the lake

  7. loowood2

    Chico Ca. July 4th 9pmish drove up the hill to over look many cities FW show. Took my star optimised binos. while everyone else was watching the FW I scanned the sky and found 1 lone traveller. looked just like all the other stars…only it had a constant luminosity and changed direction and speed a few times. It dissappeared after about 5 min heading North by N-East, passed the bins to my friend who immediately locked on, it was not visable with out the bins. Keep looking up. Mass assention!

  8. StarD2TwinFlames

    @METALLICA6547 You are absolutely right, at the tip of the iceberg…You and I are individualy a universe meaning one verse among the omniverse we choose to be here experience this universe or what we call god (is this universe) among infinite possibilities, inorder to learn to be a creator in our own verse essentially we are all gods, but I am affraid I will stop right there not to many can handle the (bigger picture) jus yet, programs within programs worlds within worlds the (string theory) ;)

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