Leaked UFO Footage –UFO SHOT DOWN

rek231wa asked:



  1. HeavyMetalMusikPro

    Ok your dumb your not a UFO science or whatever the fuck they are they would spin out like that when it would crash dumbfuck

  2. abiggiantwhale

    ppl who write in all caps are trying to compensate for being small in the pants…

  3. pedromsaaa

    the aliens must bee very very litle! Look at the mud behavior: the thing isnt more than 10 cm wide!

  4. Leylaashley

    O_o ya that’s not a UFO.. I’ve seen them myself, but the people talking are acting way to calmly to be thinking it’s a UFO. Probably some testing going on I dunno. Besides a UFO doesnt flip around like that when it crashes, I’m sure. Speculation, but I’m pretty sure of it.

  5. wisewolf20

    I’ve seen a UFO and thought to myself it’s probable just an army plane or something. It flew over my house. Dissapered. I thought again now kind of scared WTF WERE’D IT GO!?!? The next day my 14 yr old dog “somhow” broke his iron reinforced chain in a clean cut looking break and dissapeared also then I saw the thingy up in the sky that night first slow moving sped up then … gone. :(

  6. wisewolf20

    *Aliens inside* ” shit shit shit shit ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hit the escape pod” “WERE IS IT” “I DON’T KNOW” *BOTH* “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

  7. Mrun985

    This is by far the most idiotic comment I have ever had the displeasure of viewing. You are imbecile.

  8. eason3

    Hey, do yourself a favor and keep your head in the sand where it is now….Stay away from intellectual discussions flouride brain. UFOs are real. I have seen them myself you idiot.

  9. mjuhre

    Not sure if this has been said here yet or not but this is not a satellite but the NASA Genesis sample capsule whose drogue chute failed to deploy. They are saying “negative drogue shoot” and “no chute” – not “no shoot”

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