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  1. gentlehouse

    Good video. Thank you for sharing. I guessed that he is a satanist by his lyrics. He can’t know these things in that age. Listen to his track named Up. It’s perfect, it’s so great, so sensitive, so emotional, so knowing, can’t believe how good is it. Then listen to Somebody to Love. Man he sings so great, impossible for that age. I can’t get enough of him. It’s a shame that he is in the clutches of satan.

  2. Eteezy100

    im not a bieber fan but cmon like they really pay attention to reverse music -_- we all couldve said something b4 that sounds like something evil in reversed. cmon bro this is ridiculous

  3. turkanator123

    I am going to regret saying this… there is a theory.. that they pick up humans by infecting them or stealing their “Soul”… so technically if that is true… justin might be a good guy

  4. JJlovinthebiebz

    justin is such a good person like i really dont know what to think right now

  5. TMax2484T

    The most weird things in this, it look like he’s talking for someone else…a lot of rapper said they are worshipping satan but he goes directly to the hell on earth!

    Sorry for my english, nice vid. =D

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