1. SouljaSaia17

    @whiskeredtuna When god says its your time to go, its your time to go. Your right, no person can escape the judgement!

  2. farmboy313

    anyone think this is bullshit? Type in ” fema coffins” !! Why would the U.S. make millions of coffins that hold several bodies in each one? If I am lucky enough to win the lottery I am purchasing a missal silo and stocking it with food! Since that probley will not happen we should all stock up on as much basic supplies as possible. If you have enough money to purchase an electric generator that would be a good idea also.

  3. whiskeredtuna

    What would these pinheads being trying to escape exactly….death! no man can escape death. they may be able to buy themselves a little more time…but deaths coming for us all. Personally…I put my faith in Jesus Christ. I could careless about the rest.

  4. mal2470

    All the talk on 2012 disasters if it is true the shear size of the disasters, these guys building bunkers are literally building there own coffins, surely they will be berried alive?
    Also are bunkers waterproof?

  5. Lavooe

    Really weird, huh? I saw this on TV about a year ago, I’ll never forget it! I think Jesse is on to something, and I really wonder why he hasn’t been on TV for quite a long time. I think he has been warned to keep his mouth shut from the very people who he has warned us about! We aren’t supposed to survive, only the rich and famous!

  6. illuminatidevil

    central michigan should survive the floods from extreme heat and stay surrounde on 3 sides by water stock up pump well would be nice maybe some filter system for water and reserve of food for a few long winters

  7. callofdutyking212

    so when we start killing everybody for food and water guns ammo shelter the rich/elite we be safe from all the fighting. until the run out of supplies.

  8. somejackball

    The Solar Max does begin later this year.. actually it’s already started, but it peaks between late 2012, and about the middle of 2013. keep up with Solar WX from sites like SpaceWeather, and SOHO

  9. iiiReNagAdEiii

    the people who are “saved” are the people who stay true to others. I will be welcoming our end, not running away (or under) from fate.

  10. ir10031981

    the world might as well end in 2012, i’m 30, my siblings are 26 (brother) and 22 (sister), we’ve never married, we’ve never brought a child into the world, it’s like, what the heck are we doing on earth, what’s our purpose? while guys younger than us are already living the dream. Heck, I might own my home, but I live and sleep alone.

  11. TheAngryAmericanwon

    @dogshittaco24 you will be okay! Its all Fear mongering, yes all this is true but if you do the right thing I promise you will be alright! Our government loves fear mongering, Jesse is just trying to tell everyone the truth!

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