Jesse Ventura on The View Exposing The illuminati ! 2013

truthshallsety0ufree asked:

hello Jesse Ventura is an ex Governor of the united states!! please like and subscribe for more!


  1. WisdomSquare

    For anyone that is interested, I’ve put together a growing article titled: “Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Know About The Illuminati.” I would love to get feedback from this community, as I’m constantly adding onto it as I learn more. You can check it out here: wisdom-square(dot)com/top-10-things-you-shouldnt-know-about-the-illuminati.html

  2. PyroManBurns

    We are being lied to on a daily basis. We are trying to be controlled and become hand puppets. We can’t let this happen. We need to rebel! We need a revolution and to take back this country from the evil that it has succumbed to.

  3. dave silva

    does anyone else see that the crowd(unblinded ppl) were on Jesse’s side even thou illuminatti women were still battling to make him look like an idiot. never seen women be used as puppets this bad. just makes me mad

  4. OnlyTheBestHD

    when I see these women, My hope for humanity is gone …
    why are women so easily manipulated into this bullshit
    that there is nothing wrong with the world ?

  5. RobertAniFreak

    I’m sorry if people call me sexist but… Those are some dumb ass bitches
    We seen Napoleon, We seen Hitler, the man is making some very good points, and face if the government are ALWAYS censoring the media and controlling it
    You think that someone greedy and from huge position and power wont kill off thousands of people to get millions of dollars
    The human mind is twisted, and It takes one person to ruin hundreds of lives, One with huge money and power can destroy millions

  6. kingofgaming99

    Did Jesse Ventura die after this? Did the government kill him because he knew too much? I dont know, do you?

  7. Chris Hanly

    These bitches are so dumb if people would open there eyes and see the facts…. Wake up fuckers! I guess common sense isn’t that common.

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