Downtown Minneapolis UFO – WATCH IN HQ

omeganu asked:

This was observed on my building's 15th floor party deck on July 4th 2006. I caught 30 minutes of footage of what appeared to be a bright point of light behaving oddly above the Wells Fargo Tower in downtown Minneapolis. THIS VIDEO IS SPED UP


  1. cortedemico

    i saw something like this in dallas area in ’90. a light blinking slowly was all over the sky, and high up, doing some weird zig zag maneuverings that i don’t believe was a jet pilot having fun with his super secret quiet jet that can do super amazing moves.

  2. grizzzlyjoe

    It is a Bat flying around in that shaft of light from the building. Bugs are attracted to the light, the Bat is having dinner.

  3. ksquare81

    me and some friends saw the SAME THING last night!! same spot even. it’s gotta be a prank.

  4. ksquare81

    me and some friends saw the SAME THING last night!! same spot even. it’s gotta be a prank.

  5. linclinc5

    One can never have enough friends, that is true. Anyway, if I’m wrong and this video isn’t a fake then the equilibrium of the universe is at risk because I’m never wrong – the ‘object’ looks like a giant white fly, but as these don’t exist, I can only presume it’s a lazer, if it isn’t then I’m fucked if I know what it is.

  6. linclinc5

    You are clearly trying to pull the wool over the eyes of trusting folk like me – but I’m too much on the ball for you – I’m too quick off the mark. You’ll have to get up early in the morning to fool me. I didn’t come down with last night’s rain……….ever since I was abducted I can’t help mixing metaphors. If this carries on I’ll have to make a clean sweep of it, sort of

  7. dudleydunce

    I work at Block E and I have seen that same thing almost every night. It’s not a kite, it’s not a flashlight window trick, it’s definitely not a chopper. My best guess so far is that it’s a bird but I still can’t figure out why a bird would fly over the same building every night in the metro area. I’m going to bring binoculars next time I’m there and see if that shines some light on this.

  8. omeganu

    @linclinc5 I was outside on the building’s pool deck….no windows. Do you have something against footage like this? I haven’t taken a personal stance on what I filmed, I just filmed it and posted it online. Chill out man….were you abducted by aliens or something?

  9. MrMnguy76

    Last night a group of about 50 people watched this same thing. It was NOT a kite at all. It shot across the whole span of MPLS. It was going on all night. It would appear above the WellsFargo building but then shoot off in random directions only to reappear about 3 min later. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen.

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