Death by a Thousand Cuts! NWO Wants You Dead or Dumb!

thenewsurvivalist asked:

Dr. Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon and author, talks with Alex Jones about the dangers of statin drugs and how they are causing serious brain damage and increasing dementia. They also talk about chem trails, aluminum toxicity and how to protect yourself from these and other assaults to your health by the New World Order.


  1. thenewsurvivalist

    Either Reverse Osmosis or Activated alumina is used to reduce fluoride. Activated carbon or charcoal filters will not remove fluoride.

  2. TruthSmack

    Alex Jones is a gatekeeper who instills fear by exposing 1/2 truths and truths with a hidden agenda in the middle. His connections to the “council of financial policy” is obvious and nails the coffin. The CFP is just as bad as the CFR and the rest of the old/new world order. The jesuits and zionists are truly pulling the strings with this fearmonger. If you don’t believe me do your research with an open mind and see what you find. You are the hero you have been waiting for not AJ!

  3. thenewsurvivalist

    Fight for the Republic, resist tyranny and wake up all your friends to the police state that is going in all around us. Send them to InfoWars period com to wake them up. And oh yeah, don’t drink the fluoride or take statins.

  4. jackjumperfreak

    I don’t have time to see the whole vid :(! Please someone tell me, how can i protect myself???

  5. Woodsygirl62

    This video wouldn’t play/or load after 26:50 mins..nothing wrong with my connection.. it just stopped???

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