david icke secret goverment lecture part1

ufosamongus2 asked:

david icke lecture


  1. panterajoey

    the first analogy or metaphor whatever its called was perfect, about the mouse and stuff. thats the best way to explain our choices here in “free” america.

  2. 7711ish

    If you don’t think having your mind controlled is EVIL, well all i can say is that they have really done a good job manipulating your mind.

  3. mhaneline

    I agree.

    Just Right and Wrong.

    We all know what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes people just forget, or blur the line to justify their actions.

  4. Lichtsamen

    It is our belief systems and evaluation, something that IS (neutral), call it good or bad, and we therefore decided to experience it as such. But if we remain NEUTRAL, without giving a quality of a situation internally, then it simple IS (no good no bad). In this way, an experience loses its effect on us and we are FREE.

  5. planterzs

    I agree with some of this stuff but from these comments it’s like some people are taking it the wrong way. That’s Icke’s fault lol. He’s not talking about removing a sense of duality. Some things ARE inherently GOOD or EVIL. Choose your side.

  6. EarthCouncilor

    We need more David Icke’s in this world…Truth tellers! Like me, the truthologist =the truth shall set you free1

  7. zoltan656

    David Icke is manipulative lunatic he manipulate with stupid people by brainwashing with his crazy SF storys so that people buy his worthless books,pay him airplane tickets,hotel rooms, apartments and dinners.

  8. voda87

    great man, great ideas, but a great time befor befor we do anything… why??
    we give those in power the controle and believe me we can take it back!!!

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