CNN Phoenix Sandstorm UFOs. Slightly Closer Look – HD

Sheilaaliens asked:

a sloppy edit. I encourage other ppl to get the video from ( ) and do an analysis videoooo for us :) HD, happy? :P


  1. SuMBuDDe42oE

    Sky Harbor Airport was closed down during this how are these planes? Any pilot isnt stupid enough to fly in a dust storm let alone the biggest one in Arizona history…

  2. Asone28

    Since when do planes stay horizontal as they go up? Last i looked they have to point the way they are going.

  3. darkbit1001

    That there are blinking lites should squash 90% of pro-UFO theorists. That the shape is very odd/triangular should encourage the other 10%.
    I’d say goooooood nite! There are better places to view UFO activity, like the middle of the forest desert or ocean, and yes, even outer space has UFO’s!

  4. chaosflar3

    @deltanadjib1 especially with the two lights at the end. Looks like someone trying to sign the video off at the end.

  5. deltanadjib1

    it’s clearlly that,this ufo is not real,it’s so easy to make this kind of videos,a little teenager can make it simplly,you should thank your computer for making those effectsoow yeah when people like to attract some attention,lies like this is a basic solution,loool

  6. OnTheLambda

    Normally, when flying a plane, you avoid dust storms , it’s hard on the engine . These pilots should be careful.

  7. passholer

    i believe there was a faa shut down of all flights,and the other vids had shown blinking lights,which on the other hand would have been a planes wings.i see a saucer in this vid

  8. bontea

    @MRevolution44 I did think of that also. I know if it was me, I sure would forget the dust and follow the thing! lol

  9. MRevolution44

    Fake. if it were real, the cameraman would have to zoom-in to get a better picture!
    this is 100% fake!! i’ve seen things like that before….

  10. 25stormy

    how come no one wants to face the truth. how come no one wants to even try to think that there is other life forms other than humans. the universe is HUGE you cant expect that the only beings alive are on earth. it wouldnt hurt for people to be a little open minded. just because you may not believe that other life forms exist, it does not make it so

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