CHEMTRAILS Exposed on Discovery Channel

revolutionistusa asked:

Could our government really be spreading toxic chemicals through our air? Believe it or not-it's true, even discovery channel has reported on them. Come join me at


  1. skeilak

    You have, in fact, stated your views many times, “greenie”.
    Unfortunately for you, they don’t get any more plausible, or less idiotic, with the re-telling.
    Nor does your insane ranting get any less hysterical.
    I do notice however, you are great at making far-fetched claims, but piss-poor at backing any of them up with facts.
    You’re only response ever seems to be, “If reality and science disagree with me, than reality and science are wrong! (And probably part of the conspiracy.)” *LOL*

  2. skeilak

    Actually, that’s exactly what you implied, “greenie”
    Lying about it, and calling people with working brains “sheeple”, doesn’t make you look any less pissy or stupid.

  3. cgreen243

    Nope i never said any of that, but that you want to hear from me so in your brain that is what you hear..Just like you want to see a normal contrail when those planes pass by so that’s what you see..Sheeple!!!

  4. cgreen243

    i dont try to prove anyhting to yall well casue you will just instantly come out with something stupid to say againt it..Once last try this guy in this video tells this man what it is they are spraying and why..But yet you will just sum it up to be fake or whatever..No need to comment back i already have it set to ignore you tube emails..But watch the video listen to the guy ex/watch?v=wshBhDlI1dYplain what they are spraying….

  5. cgreen243

    And with that being said this is all over with no point of commenting back to me i will block from even being able to see these emails..Yall have a nice life and when the day comes they finally announce chemtrails and they will just don’t forget..I will be sitting here clutching my stomach laughing my ass off at you morons! 

  6. cgreen243

    Once again when did i ever say it was a conspiracy to kill us? When did i ever say they were trying to kill us? Yall are trying to put words in my mouth..I neevr said any of that! Just casue someone else did does not mean that i think that way! I have stated my views plenty of times! More than enough that if you had half a brain it should have sunk in by now.But no instead your just gonna lump everyone together!

  7. riceburnagtv

    haha so there are THOUSANDS of pilots of all nationalities and religions who have been convinced to “spray” their own families yet not ONE whistle blower? Once again, TENS of THOUSANDS of mechanics required to fit and maintain these new spraying apparatus yet not ONE has ever come forward, NO pics NOTHING….Please please tell me where the nozzles are! Why dont you actually take a tour of the airport next open day,actually have a look under a plane and one during maintenance educate yourself..

  8. skeilak

    So, you’re saying that all the thousands of commercial airline pilots in the world are in on this giant conspiracy?
    The same for all the thousands of aircraft maintenance workers, who also
    got their Unions busted, got lay-offs, salary cuts, forced overtime, and reduced benefits?
    And for decades now, they’ve ALL volunteered to keep this vast global conspiracy to poison the skies, a secret?
    THAT sounds reasonable, or even possible, to you, “greenie”?
    You are truly a First Class loonytoon. *LOL*

  9. cgreen243

    WHO flicks the switch?–Pilot and copilot are instructed when to do it!!!
    HOW? How did they retro fit all the planes out to do it?-They have mechanics that do that stuff..You do know the engines have to be worked on quite often as well even on a non chemtrail plane!
    I would go on to try and prove where the nozzles are but you just argue so i’m not wasting my time!

  10. Ganseblumchen12

    Good things are happening guys!
    This is at least a start.
    U.N. urged to freeze climate geo-engineering projects­­/us-geoengineering-idUSTRE69K­1­8320101021

  11. tonileotaud

    @cihdnbm Yeah man this website here is just sending out free Pink Apple iPad 2’s for today only. But you do have to be from the U.S though but it’s all real, I claimed my one just before. Better hurry up!

  12. Belfrey1

    Many people are identifying these planes on FR24. It takes some practice – keep in mind that a plane that’s close to the horizon could be over 60 miles away.

  13. Belfrey1

    Um, that would be Vietnam. In the 1960s. And they sure didn’t spray it at high altitude from jets.

  14. jimmyjamjar10101

    Not at all. I’m just not a gullible, uneducated fool who believes everything they read on the internet, that is written by some paranoid toss-pots that have their aluminium foil-clad heads in the clouds.

  15. oldbohemian16

    I see the same “people” defending this crap on hordes of different videos, month after month after month. Makes ya wonder, get a life? Or perhaps it IS their life?

  16. riceburnagtv

    Ok if they are spraying something. HOW? How did they retro fit all the planes out to do it? WHO maintaines them? WHO flicks the switch? This is where you choose to stop asking questions and say, “I dont know but I know they are doing it”.Thats called paranoid delusion. In stead you should use your brain a little more and realize that it is completely impossible, inefficient and in no way cost effective to “spray” anything from that height to effect anything.

  17. riceburnagtv

    Well if they showed the whole show they would actually go onto say these are nothing more than contrails, but as per usual your chemtard brethren prefer to withhold ALL info to make their case. Go take a shit thats what your mother did when you were born.

  18. sabrom

    The video it speaks for itself ? IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM TAKE IT UP WITH THE UPLOADER? now scram you’re makin me wanna take a shit!

  19. cgreen243

    Read all of my quotes as you will be able to tell i dont think they are trying to kill us i have said that many times, but the fact remains they are spraying something..No one tols me of chemtrails i started looking into them after i first noticed what was coming out of those planes did not look quite right..I’m not the one thats getting on here trying to debunk anyones ideas cause they sound dumb to me or something.i know what i see your eyes don’t work right!

  20. riceburnagtv

    So the entire sky is covered EVERYWHERE EVERY DAY you see ‘chemtrails”? hahaha what a gronk. You think the world revolves around you or something? And no my friend YOU are the sheep, you seem to think that because you BELIEVE in everythign that is left of field you are somehow awake.You are a fool, falling heavily for whatever people tell you to believe as long as it is anti government. Make a vid of these so called flight above your head but not on flight tracker,you wont because YOU lie!

  21. cgreen243

    Thatys cause your a sheeple that has no ability to think and see things for himself..Just keep listening and believeing what they say..They love sheeple like you…BAHAHHAHAHAHA

  22. cgreen243

    Thats why they are spraying 200 miles away also there genius..You keep being a sheeple it’s exactly what they want.They think everyone is a sheeple like you!! They consider your type stupid suckers and they think we are all that way.Why when i see chemtrail planes is it that i don’t see them on flight tracker but i see everything else on flight tracker? You know why? Cause if they showed the chemtrail planes on flight tracker it would show they go north then south north then south..

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