By Request: CNN Phoenix Sandstorm UFOs – Inverted – HD

Sheilaaliens asked:

Meow pǝʇɹǝʌuı version of the UFOs seen in CNN's aerial footage of the biggest sandstorm in recorded history for Phoenix, Arizona on July 5, 2011. Many Phoenix residents noticed them as well when watching their local news, some filmed their television with their cameras and posted it... do some researchez and you'll see. :) 'Twas an odd event. source:


  1. edstar83

    @1luckymike Well they could be helicopters but the pilots have no sense of logic, they wouldn’t be able to see shit from that close, waste of footage and fuel. To get the full epicness of the sandstorm they’d need to film it from a distance.

  2. DawgcityClev

    fools calling these planes. It’s incredible what the eye can see and the brain can deny. This is called “chaos” within self and many people of the world are so programmed with stupidity on television they’re entire existence in chaotic. What’s even more sad is how people can’t even rationalize what the hell an airplane looks like anymore. That in itself says alot about what’s flying over our heads. If they were all airplanes, these kind of videos wouldn’t get made. THINK!

  3. Asone28

    all planes were grounded in this area at the time, forget about planes. These are probably lightships of the Galactic Federation’s which often appear to monitor and lessen harmful effects of natural or manmade events.

  4. ged8802

    Thanks Sheila ! There`s definitely something there. I wouldn`t have thought helicopters would be flying that close to a storm, but i could be wrong. Excellent work and channel by the way !

  5. 1luckymike

    I watched first hand….not ufos…helicopters were in front of the storm filming it… I got inside when it reached Thomas Rd.

  6. PROFILESophiaYates

    @heavenssdin What is wrong with U? We Americans the real 1s really do care & where ever U r in the world we would B there in a flash 2 help U so s2 join our service here. To help people around the world. It’s more the Gov’s or people in control who call the shots. Remember the people in all countries that most care. I understand your feeling 2 a degree Im not u. It has become a hard World we want PEACE as well. Everywhere.

  7. PROFILESophiaYates

    I think Helicopters in this clip. Not saying they r not there but IC copters in the front of the system reporting.

  8. iChiLLzNsD

    the one going up…shape shifts as it goes up omfg!! look closely in HD
    im sorry but if u think that these are “planes” or “helicopters ” you are an idiot ..
    why cant people see the truth!!! WAKE UP!!!

  9. DeathDOer01

    @Sheilaaliens i was thinking helecopters until i saw your last vid that was close up HD…plasma shoots out bothsides of the craft and definetly disk shaped…very nice Sheila ;-)

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