1. pdderek

    for as talented an editor as you are, your english is pathetic.


    look it up and get it right! (pet peeve, sorry)

    neat video thou…too much “scary” stuff though. kind of discredits the actual footage

  2. CathyFromPensacola

    Just like all the other man-made weirdenss across the globe today, this ufe/alien weirdness too is man-made (Blue Beam Project).

  3. 696TheDon696

    You have made me go all paranoid now lol ive seen loads of them Nasa ones before they cannot be called fake…

  4. The2010Generation

    The Vrill thing is so fake…..

    just think with me…if they come from different star systems, they can never have the same constellations…..other perspective….and how would a space alien come up with the same horoscope symbols as earthlings… uthink they have leo and scorpio and all too? BS!!!!

  5. projectcloverleaf123

    i know where your coming from,i just put that in because it sounds quite ominous,im not sure that it is real,and i dont think that this is how they would choose to communicate,thank you for the compliment m8 glad you liked it!!

  6. ufoolable

    Beautiful editing ! You should be a horror movie editor m8! One thing that just occurred to me though..The voice of Vrillon part…Let me run this by you. If they are such an advanced race, Why have they not managed to deal with a little bit of radio static interference through their broadcast ! we can no problem and we’re ‘less advanced’ humans ( just a thought)

  7. projectcloverleaf123

    im not entirely sure that the greys agenda is in our intrest i belive them to be hostile

  8. lookupwakeup

    Wow…… love the way you put this together….. it was creepy! Stay away from the ‘Space Brothers’ …. they cannot be trusted…. they are like our politicians… they lie….
    Nice choice in song…… MK-ultra uses that song for mind control.
    Thanks for posting……. 5*****

  9. edstar83

    I don’t know why but I don’t like they greys…

    Awesome video though. they’ve been visiting for a long time. Thanks for uploading.

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