23 May 2011: Maine Radar HAARP Ring Prt 2 – Anomalies

beauradleyJEDi asked:

Part 2: a HAARP 'ray' into Maine (w/NEXRAD). Be sure to check out www.youtube.com ...he has the main "hits" targeted; I'm just trying to fill in some of the Northeast only, because that's where I live. Best of luck and many blessings to all. --JEDi Music: www.danosongs.com


  1. Flanders388

    Im with you, I am so over being told I am a bit screwy in the head and that it isnt possible, and that it all sounds a little too far out to comprehend.

    Flanders ( Diddley )

  2. rvlqcitizen

    Whereabouts in Maine do you live? I’m in Portland. We get hit pretty hard with the chems and scalar waves. Easy as hell to see. I SOOOO can’t understand why no one cares and even look at ya like you’ve got two heads and loose marbles if you point out for instance the bright halo round the sun after heavy spraying. Or how the trails become a pall that covers the sky. Or the rainbow colored clouds. Too much programming and fluoride I think.

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