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911 Memorial NYC

Suzan4B asked:

These are photos I took using a Minolta Camera with 35 MM Film. I retook these pictures using my Digital to upload and share on YT as the 10th Year Anniversary of 911 draws near. This is how it was in my neighborhood the day after the attack. I live 2 miles from the site and it was months before the pieces of humanity and death stopped visibly circulating in the air only to be inhaled as everyone cried.

UFO Shot Down!

ryanuk1981 asked:

UFO Shot down to earth in battlefield bad company 2!! It appears we have more to worry about then the enemy soldier,Have you had any "encounters" online? Extra tags (ignore)~ yt:quality=high definition hauppauge hdpvr sony vegas playstation acr m16 tar 21 f2000 m4a1 scar h ak47 fal...