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Chemtrails – neuartige Beweise! – Aufforderung zur Stellungnahme

Werner Altnickel asked:

Zum Film erreichten uns einige Fragen und Kritiken bezüglich der Beweisführung. Unsere Erklärung hierzu finden Sie unter www.chemtrail.de Schicken Sie uns Ihre Erfahrungen / Ihre Korrespondenz mit öffentlichen Institutionen und Verbänden zum Thema Chemtrails unter reaktionen@chemtrail.de Diskussion zu obigem Film beim Symposium:www.chemtrail.de Videos zum Thema Feststehende Wolken: www.youtube.com HAARP ELF wave clouds over Japan skies www.youtube.com Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: www.chemtrail.de

【MMD Drama Festival】A Private Detective KAITO (2/2) (English captions)

miya586 asked:

I'm NOT author. I reprint from Nico Nico Douga. I want to treat Kaito to liquor... Video:Reprinted from NicoNicoDouga. 【MMDドラマフェス】私立探偵 KAITO【後編】 (【MMD dorama fesu】shiritsu tantei kaito 【kouhen】) www.nicovideo.jp video.niconico.com Author: 必殺仕事P (HissatsuShigotoP) English Caption Revised By dragonfighter02! Thank you !!!! :'-D dragonfighter02's channel. www.youtube.com [Note] A source of mind control: Probably the source of information is the following book. Operation Mind Control: www.amazon.com Ending theme song: 【MEIKO】ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル【オリジナル曲】 (【MEIKO】Piano X Forte X Scandal【The original song】) Author: OSTER Project www.nicovideo.jp video.niconico.com www.youtube.com

Lil Wayne possessed at the 2010 grammys

Gamma115 asked:

Lil Wayne trying to invoke demonic possession at the 2010 Grammy's?. He head shakes as he throws the devil horns hand sign. He apparently likes to show his allegiance to the devil/lucifer with the hand sign that all the popular "artists" like to do nowadays. If you doubt this, you should watch the THE INDUSTRY series and start with part 1: www.youtube.com also check out some great related videos like: Satanic Agenda in Their Own Words -Music Industry www.youtube.com Lil Wayne's On Fire A Video About Occult Initiation www.youtube.com Lil Wayne Exposed www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Music: Hiphop is dead, and Puppet Lil Wayne, SHARED www.youtube.com Hip Hop Occult www.youtube.com Hip Hop Hijacked by Freemasons www.youtube.com Hip Hop the Satanic Connection and Sacrifice www.youtube.com Professor Griff discussing occult rituals in hip hop www.youtube.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the comments saying this video is sped up, see the raw footage w/ audio and see eminems lips match the words at 32 seconds: www.youtube.com Compare...this is the same speed as the original. Yes em was tightened-up and rapping that fast, and wayne was tightened-up and practically having a seizure lol. I only SLOWED it down at parts to focus on what he was doing.

Ascension, 5D Earth, Elenin, Photon Belt, 2012, Days of Darkness,

powerfultools4life asked:

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Keep in mind that all of this reasearch I have done from "other" sources could absolutely be a load of rubbish. Some sources refer to Elenin as Nibiru or Planet X or the Blue Star Kachina (Hopi) but like I said, do your own research and come up with your own conclusions. 2012 - The Truth You're NOT Being Told www.youtube.com Awakening As One ~ The Quickening vimeo.com About The Photon Belt www.salemctr.com www.heartcom.org Keisha Crowther ~ Little Grandmother www.youtube.com vimeo.com Delores Cannon: 2012 The Mayan Calendar and 5D Earth www.youtube.com UFO's www.youtube.com Hopi www.youtube.com Elenin Warning September 2011 (Part 1 of 2) www.youtube.com David Wilcock ~ Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age There are 4 parts to this and you will find them all on youtube. Heres Part 1: www.youtube.com

Rapture or Tribulation.you choose! part 4

RaptureOrTribulation asked:

Here is the reason why we are here. Proof of GOD is everywhere and obvious. Evil has been keeping dramatic proof of GOD from you to keep you doubting. The time is upon us right now for the Rapture and the 2nd coming of our saviour Yeshuah(Jesus Christ). Here are key scriptures in the Bible as well as the found book of Enoch. Are you ready for the Rapture? Part 1 www.youtube.com Part 2 www.youtube.com Part 3 www.youtube.com Part 4 www.youtube.com Alex Jones movie about the history of the One world order up to current day: video.google.com Iluminati seminar from former Illuminati member. Very shocking. I suggest to not watch this unless you have seen and understand the above information. video.google.com video.google.com www.youtube.com Interview with Svali--Illuminati www.youtube.com

LADY GAGA MUÑECA ILUMINATI nuevo orden mundial by msbuscandolaverdad

251591811 asked:

www.youtube.com (+ sobre el tema, entra en mi canal) Otra marioneta illuminati mas en el teatro del nuevo orden mundial, la gente no quiere ver lo obvio o no toma en serio el simbolismo ni el mensje, pero creerme, ellos si lo toman muy en serio.