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UPDATE: THE "OTHERS" HACKED AND DELETED MY BLOG WHERE I POSTED UP ALL THE PROOF REGARDING WHAT I SAID IN THIS VIDEO! GO TO MY NEW WEBSITE (WHICH THEY ALSO TRIED TO TAKE DOWN BUT I PUT IT BACK) HERE IT IS: misstilaomg.com -THis is only the beginning. Please, please, please if you want to find out more truths I am about to unleash, then please subscribe to my mailing list at: blog.tilashotspot.com this way you can keep in touch with me and also know when my official Truth Blog at www.anonymoustruthblog.com will be launching as well as subscribe to my youtube channel. These are dire times that causes for extreme measures! All of the proof I have posted on my website so go there now to see for yourself! Also please dont' forget to continue reposting everything everywhere as much as you can!!!! Love, Miss Tila

Michael Tsarion – Truth Frequency Interview 12-17-09 – Architects of Control Part 1/2

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Michael Tsarion on Truth Frequency Radio with Chris Geo and Sheree. Recorded on December 17th, 2009. 'This weeks guest, author, lecturer, researcher, film maker and alternative historian, Michael Tsarion will join us to discuss his new film, Architects Of Control. We will discuss the history and modern day applications of mind control and delve into the anatomy of consciousness and how the elite have been manipulating the masses throughout history. This will be a JAM PACKED discussion and part 1 of a 2 part show.' truthfrequencyradio.com http


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Now this doesnt mean he is illuminati...i personally dnt think he is and i hope that he isnt...yes this song could mean anything but only him and god knows the truth so plz dnt come on here arguing and stuff about it because no one is right untill lil wayne comes clean...the sub titles in the video isnt what i actually think he is saying its just what he could be saying...NO I DONT THINK HE IS IN THE ILLUMINATI ...HE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!! ENJOY THE VIDEO

Illuminati Expose – Make Ya Eyes ‘Light Up’ Pt. 2

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www.facebook.com - Official Page Support By "Liking" "YouTruth" Donate Link - bitly.com LETS HELP 1000000'S OF PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH. SONG DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW limelinx.com This is Part Two to my Original "Make Ya Eyes 'Light Up'" video that went viral (500000+ views) 9 months ago when i created my channel. Thank you so much for your continued sharing and support. NOW Please Take Note of These 4 Very Important Things. 1. I am not saying anybody in this video is "IN" The Illuminati. They are PUPPETS. 2. I am not saying anybody in this video worships the devil, They are PUPPETS (Although some in the video OPENLY do worship Satan) 3. The purpose of this video is to get you to understand the Illuminati IS real, who's a puppet is not important, and if you want to get really deep the puppet masters aren't either...the puppet master's MASTER is....The Devil...the true genius behind the upcoming New World Order, which leads me to point 4. 4. Find Jesus....now....before it's too late.... Enjoy

The New World Order and Coming Dictatorship – Online Tent Revival Message 9

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www.sfaw.org - www.americainthebible.com BIBLE PROPHECY REVEALED The messages will be for the newcomer, coming to the Truth of the Word, for the awakening of the people. The messages are designed to pave the way for our coming King!Scriptures for America Worldwide is an international outreach ministry of the LaPorte Church of Christ and is directed by Pastor Peter J. Peters. This ministry is dedicated to proclaiming the true Gospel of Christ Jesus throughout the earth, and to revealing to Americans and the Western Nations their true Biblical Identity. tags nobama 2012 New World Order plans and goals of globalism council of foreign relations