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Disney Michael & the Black Moon.avi

Truthiracy2 asked:

Disney, Michael & the Black Moon. This is an older collection of clips from Truthiracy Films. A new video will be made with much more information, it has been added to the long list of videos to make. Learn the truth about Disney and Michael jackson. Disneyland began on the night of the BLACK MOON, and Michael connection with Disney is well known. Michael was sacrificed on the night of "Night of the Black Moon of Death", which is one of 13 days out of 365! Truthiracy Films - House of Wisdom 2010

destin florida oil spill update beach condition gulf oil spi

winebuddy4u asked:

destin florida oil spill update for June 19, 2010. Dest beach and water conditions. Should I cancel my trip to destin, is there oil in the water in Destin, FL? Is the sand full of oil and tar in Destin Florida? Watch this video to learn the TRUTH about the beach and water conditions in this Destin Florida gulf oil spill update