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Michael Jackson, Illuminati, Tupac, Prince, NWO, It’s Time!

parisreidhead asked:

"They're Changing our History Books!".. Michael Jackson "They never told me there were 8 presidents before George Washington!" .... Prince "I sold my soul to you know who," Bob Dylan Illuminati Jacket wore by , Madonna why did Tupac and Farrah Fawcet, Michael Jackson, and so many others die at same age or same date? Martyrs gave us the true bible and murderers gave us all the new false ~ most all main stream artists have had to sell their soul to satan in order to be what they are and when they find out how corrupt it truly is they try to sing and rap about it to help awareness and if they arent careful they lose their lives, it goes on and on thru out history , presidents who wont submit and musicians , who all die of drug issues , i really dont think so , somany died at same age and same date it doenst sound like a drug issue m no these are well planned murders that might end up as a hum@n sacrif1ce in the bohemian grove, Alice Bailey is the founder of the New age movement which is a continuing of the ancient helenistic mystery religions, and wants to birth it thru the christian churches. pilgrims progress is the greatest book in history besides the bible of course, and in it the main character "Christian" was visting "the Interpretor" and shows him how the one called "patient" gets eternal life for waiting till the truth comes and not rushing ahead to a obviuous lie, like the illuminati creates all kinds of issues , money issues , abuse and mental , weather , and ...