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9 |11 The Big Clue Everyone Missed

Sa4Ry asked:

By bravehartmman : Within 30 mins of WTC2 being hit many American mainstream news corps were giving out Bin laden's name as a suspect and the complete run-down on Al Qaeda and the Taliban along with the reasons for the collapse itself ! Who would have the power to organise that these experts were put on TV that morning ? Who would have an interest in having that information giving out to the public so quickly ? Find that out and you got the killers! Rate comment and forward ! SOME LINKS OF INTEREST BELOW ! www.stwr.org www.protest.net www.youtube.com www.zeitgeistmovie.com http www.prisonplanet.com http www.jordanmaxwell.com www.jackiscool89 www.nwo.nl educate-yourself.org... http www.conspiracyplanet... http www.conspiracyarchiv... http www.illuminati-news.com http www.dontglobalisehun... http thetruthmovement.net www.threeworldwars.com http www.godlikeproductio... http freemasonrywatch.org www.conspiracycafe.net http gideonz.tripod.com http