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batman conspiracy

AnOrdinaryAmerican1 asked:

Music Thanks and Attribution to Kevin Macleod incomptech.com Is it a coincidence that a big, expensive-to-make Hollywood movie with a BLAH reaction in ticket sales got a huge marketing boost with the alleged Colorado Shootings? And wow, they had the bad guy in less than 24 hours (the lone crazy gunman of course) blasting his picture all over the internet and television before he is tried in court. How original ...so Hollywood. We don't know. What do you think?

By Request: CNN Phoenix Sandstorm UFOs – Inverted – HD

Sheilaaliens asked:

Meow pǝʇɹǝʌuı version of the UFOs seen in CNN's aerial footage of the biggest sandstorm in recorded history for Phoenix, Arizona on July 5, 2011. Many Phoenix residents noticed them as well when watching their local news, some filmed their television with their cameras and posted it... do some researchez and you'll see. :) 'Twas an odd event. source: www.cnn.com