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Chemtrails The facts

emetaheret asked:

The chemtrail conspiracy holds that some contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. In this presentation we will try to give 4 possible explanations for this phenomena. some of the videos that are used in this clip are from the following YouTube channels: British Chemtrails Documentary: www.youtube.com chemtrail chaff (v2): www.youtube.com Chemtrails-NWO-Illuminati: www.youtube.com Chemtrails weatherman: www.youtube.com CONTRAIL vs CHEMTRAIL 101: www.youtube.com NASA Appleman Chart - PROOF of Chemtrails: www.youtube.com History Channel_ The Truth About Chemtrails And HAARP Technology: www.youtube.com www.emetaheret.org.il