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ALERT! New Madrid EarthQuake Imminent! PROOF that HAARP is being used! more proof Pt1

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Please visit my NEW website: patrioticspace.whynotnews.eu PLEASE PASS THIS ON! SHARE WITH ALL YOUR CONTACTS! This video has PROOF that TPTB are tooling with the New Madrid Faultline! HAARP: goo.gl goo.gl (FEMA's drills along the faultline) goo.gl (PROOF that HAARP is training it's target on New Madrid! Witchita, KS or Birmingham, AL. in the triangle's crosshairs!) Strange energy above AR the day birds died: goo.gl goo.gl (GLP forum) goo.gl (possible disinfo) goo.gl (Declassified document obtained through Freedom of Information Act in regards to electronic harassment, and FREQUENCIES. US Dept. of the ARMY. Patent info on HAARP Mind Control! goo.gl goo.gl (General Reading) Consequence Assessment, or "If you thought Hurricane Katrina was big..." This is from the Virginia Tech article: The results indicate that Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri are most severely impacted. Illinois and Kentucky are also impacted, though not as severely as the previous three states. Nearly 715000 buildings are damaged in the eight-state study region. About 42000 search and rescue personnel working in 1500 teams are required to respond to the earthquakes. Damage to critical infrastructure (essential facilities, transportation and utility lifelines) is substantial in the 140 impacted counties near the rupture zone, including 3500 damaged bridges and nearly 425000 breaks and leaks to both local and interstate pipelines. Approximately 2.6 million households are without power after the earthquake ...

Secret History of the Freemasons (Part 1 of 9)

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Secret History of the Freemasons (2007) Part 1: www.youtube.com Part 2: www.youtube.com Part 3: www.youtube.com Part 4: www.youtube.com Part 5: www.youtube.com Part 6: www.youtube.com Part 7: www.youtube.com Part 8: www.youtube.com Part 9: www.youtube.com Runtime: 01:24:36 The Freemasons have, throughout history, been the target of numerous conspiracy thoerists, being accused of everything from satanic worship to no less than the surreptitious manipulation of world politics! This revealing documentary from the Discovery Channel takes a close look at the Freemasons and investigates some of the major claims put against them. Listen to what Freemasons themselves have to say about Freemasonry; learn the meaning of some of the most popular masonic symbols; and with unprecedented access, watch a real masonic initiation ceremony! You will see that Freemasonry is not a sinister organisation bent on world domination but a benign brotherhood intent on personal and societal development.

LSD & Acid Trips Effects Documentary, Hot Facts Girl Kayleigh

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LSD & Acid Trips Effects Documentary, Hot Facts Girl Kayleigh Kayleigh give you a video all about LSD, what it is, who invented it, what the effects of lsd are, what the CIA did with LSD mind control experiments, how LSD affects the mind, the use of LSD by the hippies in the 60s, what illusions LSD can create and a whole lot of other stuff not associated with acid rain or acid jazz music. This is by your hot teacher Kayleigh the Hot Facts Model or Fun Facts Girl. www.youtube.com www.funfactsgirls.com http Music By Jimmy Gelhaar www.jimmyg.us http youtube.com Copyright 2010 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.