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Lecture 1 | String Theory and M-Theory

StanfordUniversity asked:

(September 20, 2010) Leonard Susskind gives a lecture on the string theory and particle physics. He is a world renown theoretical physicist and uses graphs to help demonstrate the theories he is presenting. String theory (with its close relative, M-theory) is the basis for the most ambitious theories of the physical world. It has profoundly influenced our understanding of gravity, cosmology, and particle physics. In this course we will develop the basic theoretical and mathematical ideas, including the string-theoretic origin of gravity, the theory of extra dimensions of space, the connection between strings and black holes, the "landscape" of string theory, and the holographic principle. This course was originally presented in Stanford's Continuing Studies program. Stanford University: www.stanford.edu Stanford Continuing Studies Program: csp.stanford.edu Stanford University Channel on YouTube: www.youtube.com

String Theory in less than two minutes

werothegreat asked:

Rather self-descriptive - a short explanation of string theory. DISCLAIMER! String Theory is not a settled issue. It is one of many possible explanations of the universe. Over 60000 views! Quintuple digits! Thank you all! Keep watching! I've made a sequel, and you can watch it here: www.youtube.com