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Chemtrails Assualt Arizona for Doomsday Skywatch Today December 20 2012

CaptainTripps2010 asked:

ATTENTION: ONLY INTELLIGENT COMMENTS ALLOWED SO IF YOU ARE AN IGNORANT TROLL JUST SAVE YOUR TIME AND MINE BY GOING ELSEWHERE FOR YOU ADOLESCENT CRAP. Alert! Monster tornadoes causing massive destruction, killer droughts afflicting huge but well-defined regions, like the one precisely within the state borders of Texas, unexplained animal die-offs in huge numbers, forest fires more fierce than ever experienced before, melting polar ice, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis of suspicious origins and unusual signatures, shattered immune systems, and an unpublished pandemic of new auto-immune and parasitic diseases, Alzheimer-related dementia much more prevalent among younger populations.... This is the new reality that we and our children are suddenly inhabiting. This is not man-made global warming, this is man-made WARFARE against the natural-born humans across our world. What we are seeing above our heads is not water vapor, or condensation trails. Many soil and water, also air, and now even blood tests have confirmed over and over that we are being inundated with heavy metals: aluminum, barium, manganese, iron, chromium, etc. YOU TOO CAN GATHER SUCH EVIDENCE OF THE CRIMES AGAINST US! You can see here how Robert, our fellow Arizonan, explains with Doppler Radar that these are not contrails at all. These are chemical and biological aerosols, also called "chemtrails", that are one part of a hijacked natural system that is being weaponized in the war against us, the natural ...