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Powerful Ron Paul Message – A Peaceful Revolution

vic3003 asked:

Dr. Ron Paul is one of the very few speaking some real truth. Take this country back from the banksters that are destroying our economy and sending our fine soldiers to die in corporate wars. The spirit of 1776 thrives in 2012! www.RonPaul.com

I think I may be a psycic?

i have been having feelings about paranormal activity. I never get the chills and whenever i get a chill down my back i know somebody is wrong. I got the chills down my back once and it turns out a guy that was walking next to our car at a stop light was smoking some drugs. And now i am getting the chills and i have asked the person how they feel and i just asked right now and i am getting a very strong sad feeling. Now i feel like I am being touched in my side. I do have some troubles sleeping too and i have to sleep with somebody else in the room and with a light on. I feel like this spirit is right behind me. I am pretty sure I am not crazy. I have good grades lots of friends i dont hear voices in my head just feelings. If you know anything about psycics please tell me