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HELENA BLAVATSKY – Agent and SPY “Dark Forces” of the Bolsheviks (2 of 8)

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Thanks to the beautiful Donna! www.youtube.com The deployment of Madame Blavatsky into the West had been part of the same effort - called the "Dostoevsky Project" by the Theosophically-inspired Frankfurt School - which led the Okhrana to unleash the Scottish Freemasonic forces of the liberal Alexander Kerensky, then the "dark forces" of the Bolsheviks (many of whom, including VI Lenin, had been trained on the Isle of Capri in the cult beliefs of the Emperor Tiberius, who murdered Christ), for an assault upon the Petrine state. Among those principally responsible for deploying Blavatsky into the West were: Count Alexander Ignatiev, one-time head of the Okhrana as interior minister, whose family later joined with the Bolshevik Revolution Imperial Privy Councilor Prince Aksakov, whose correspondence with Blavatsky reveals him to be a key controller Fyodor Dostoevsky, whose writings have regained popularity under Gorbachov, because they were a19th-century revival of the Russian Orthodox Church's "blood-and-soil" doctrine that Moscow would become "the Third and Final Rome" Mikhail, Vladimir, and Vsevelod Soloviev, who, from such bases as the St. Petersburg Ecclesiastical Academy, propounded the doctrines of Spiritualism that are being revived in Russia today, and who profiled Blavatsky as Tentacles of the Blavatsky deployment extended quickly through the West: United States - In 1873, Blavatsky traveled to the US, where with the Spiritualist Colonel Olcott, she founded the ...