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Chemtrails Killed the Honey Bees – Secret NATO and UN operation CAUGHT IN ACTION!

fyrstikken asked:

Add me on facebook.com & follow me on twitter.com READ ME - READ ME - READ ME Chemtrails Killed the Honeybees - the reason for spraying the sky with Barium and other toxic chemicals was too destroy the honeybees who pollinate the fruit-flowers so that fruit and vegetables can grow. Without honeybees, no fruit, no vegetable, no food - and people will die. The Chemtrails or chemical trails from the sprayer planes is part of the elites plan of depopulating the world. When people are hungry, they will riot, when they riot they will be arrested, when they are arrested, they will be questioned, and put into three different groups - one they will kill immediately, one they will torture and question further, and a small group which they will chip and send back into the New World OrderCall no man upon this place good - there is nobody here that is good, the author of this video is not good, you are not good, your mama is not good, your brothers and sisters are not good - if you where good, you would not be here, you would be home safe. The Earth is not your home - it is a maximum security prison reform school with no bars - and you and me are here to learn to be something we currently are not, we are here to learn to be good! Religion has nothing to do with truth - avoid religion, become individual - choose to listen to the good voice inside you and reject the evil voice inside you - this is something you can do - make it a sport for yourself to accomplish what you taught was ...


drewswebsite asked:

The sky is under aerial assault!! Someone is spraying something on a regular basis in the skies above Austin, Texas and elsewhere. I captured this video footage myself. I am not putting you on!! Chemtrails are real!!

Possible UFO Sighting Northern Minnesota Follow Up 06-06-2010.MP4

edjii00 asked:

This bright light has been seen in the sky for a few weeks now. If you wish to use my videos on your website or for any other purpose you need to write me and request permission to do so.

UFO Shot Down In Sky and hits house

anthonystudio20 asked:

A UFO was in clocking when i shot this and was shot down by lightning right in front me! I cannot believe i caught on tape yesss!!! I hop you enjoy This is real.

Mysterious Spiral Light Appears Over Norway!

Video Is By Russia Today A massive UFO event has taken place in the Scandinavian nation of Norway. Tens of thousands of Norwegians over a vast area of the country's north, from Trondelang all the way to Finnmark witnessed a massive spiralling image (Photo and video below) explode in the sky above them. The event took place on Wednesday morning. Norways meteorological institute is experiencing what it describes as a telephone storm as thousands of witnesses call in and send their footage for ...